Taming The Chaos One Thing At A Time

{Guest Post and Giveaway}

My friend Lou picked a bad time to call. I was a train wreck, paralyzed by pandemonium—soup steaming on the stove and ready to boil over…sink stuffed with dirty dishes…both children yelling and chasing through the house…husband staying out of sight and the chaos.

Weaving around grocery bags on the juice-coated floor, I grabbed the phone on the seventh ring, stifling tears as I described the bedlam.

It was a good time to call. Lou said simply, “One thing at a time.” I’d found the key to taming the chaos.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, I pick a place and start. Doing one thing at a time eventually brings order.

I left the work force at twenty-eight, never went back, and never regretted that decision. “Homemaker” is an honorable profession, but sometimes it’s a thankless job.

Like a tug of war the stress of daily family life pulls us in all directions—spouse, children, career all demanding their fair share.

A young mother felt overwhelmed by the challenges of keeping the family happy and the home running smoothly. She said, “How do you make your husband see how much you do as a wife and mom?”

That used to be important to me. I felt frustrated that my husband seemed to have no concept of what I did in the home. I had no certificates of commendation like the awards he occasionally received for career accomplishments.

Changing diapers, refereeing the children’s squabbles, doing laundry, cooking meals, cleaning up the mess, and handling a multitude of interruptions—the day slipped by, leaving me to wonder if I had achieved anything significant. I wanted to feel appreciated. I wanted someone to recognize my contribution to the family. Feeling like a servant, I cried to the Lord.

I do all the giving in this family! It isn’t fair!

His sweet voice interrupted my pity party. If you do all the giving, you get all the blessing.

Hmmm…that’s fair! I found this verse: I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved” (2 Cor. 12:15).

I knew I was loved, but I wanted a little more appreciation. I’d even asked the Lord to open my husband’s eyes to see what I contributed to the family. His soft voice spoke. He will fully understand if he walks in your shoes, which will happen only if you get sick or die.

Lord, never mind!

Knowing he has assigned me a great work and I am accountable to him for fulfilling my role in the home eased my frustration and satisfied the longing of my heart that someone understand. Someone does!

Today’s guest blogger is speaker and author, Dianne Barker. The excerpt is from her latest book, I Don’t Chase the Garbage Truck Down the Street in My Bathrobe Anymore!Organizing for the Maximum Life. She’s a wife of 49 years, mother of two adult children, and grandmother of two adorable little ones. She hosts a program “At the Library” Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. on WHCB Radio, Bristol, Tennessee http://www.whcbradio.org. Get to know her better at www.diannebarker.com

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5 thoughts on “Taming The Chaos One Thing At A Time

  1. Already a subscriber! I thank God that I can be a homemaker and a homeschool mom where I can watch my kids grow up. I can relate to this article, but constantly have have to remember how blessed we are.

  2. Perfect timing for this book giveaway! Would love it for my daughter in heart for Christmas! She saw a fire in her neighborhood earlier this week. Massive black cloud smoke coming from a street over in her neighborhood. She bolted down the stairs with baby on hip, & her 3-year old trying to keep up. She grabbed the phone and told her daughter to stay inside and watch the dogs. And then ran out the door, IN HER JAMMIES, no shoes just socks (it was 30F outside) as she is dialing 911. She’s jogging down the street, baby still on hip, coming up on the fire site and thinks, “Oh no! Is today the day? Am I going to be labeled as white trash?” Because she was quite a sight…It was 11am, she wasn’t dressed, was not wearing shoes, and her hair was a disheveled mess. Luckily her neighbor came out to witness her doing this. *face palm*…A car had burst into huge flames. Everything and everyone was ok but she couldn’t get close enough because the fire trucks beat her. So she booked it back to the house for fear of her local firefighters witnessing her hot mess. She lives in a small town and did not want a reputation! She’s a SAHM and would love this book to encourage her!

    I liked the page and am already a subscriber! Love you, Miss Becky!

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