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Taming The Chaos One Thing At A Time

{Guest Post and Giveaway} My friend Lou picked a bad time to call. I was a train wreck, paralyzed by pandemonium—soup steaming on the stove and ready to boil over…sink stuffed with dirty dishes…both children yelling and chasing through the house…husband staying out of sight and the chaos. Weaving around grocery bags on the juice-coated … Continue reading

Draw Close To The Manger

The opening scene of White Christmas brought me to tears yesterday.  I watched as Bing Crosby sang this favorite Christmas carol to an audience of World War I soldiers.  With bombs firing in the distance, the soldiers hung weary heads and rested their chins on unarmed weapons.  With some eyes closed, they listened to Crosby’s … Continue reading

Is Your Calendar Chaos?

Yesterday, the boys and I were outside. And it was hot. Like give me 150 SPF hot. But something ever so slight spoke of the coming of Fall. Ever. So. Slight. I can’t explain it. But despite the blazing sun, the hint was there. The blue of the sky, a light breeze, a faint smell … Continue reading

If the Proverbs 31 Woman had a yard sale…

This is the weekend. The annual Crenshaw Yard Sale. Friday and Saturday 8-1. Come one come all! Every November, the signs go up, in hopes to raise extra money for Christmas shopping. The Lord has been good to bless it every year. But, preparing this week has brought the Proverbs 31 Woman to mind. Often. … Continue reading

Soul Sorting

If you want to know what my heart looks like today, you should just look at my house. I am serious. I should go get my camera. Let me paint. Nothing is over-the-top messy. But, oh the clutter. There are a couple of piles on the counter top – mail to go through. Little piles … Continue reading