Day Three: Love Gives (a lil’ giveaway!)

I think it is impossible to get through 28+1 days of Lovin’ Better without writing the one scripture which encompasses the most sacrificial love ever expressed. Ever.

Soak in every word. Read it as if you’ve never read it before. Let this never become old news to us…

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Day Three: Love Gives

God loved. And then he gave. His motivation for giving Jesus was…love. Today, let us model the giving heart of the Father. Let us be givers. What is it today that the Lord would have you give to display His love? Will you give a card? Or a phone call? A flower? Maybe you’ll be lead to give extra time? Or a hug!? Never underestimate the power of a hug. Mmm. I. Love. Hugs.

Sooo…I’ll start! With a “Give”away! Very appropriate, yes?! Here’s what I’m a-givin’…

Letters to Heaven, by Calvin Miller! “In these masterfully written letters to heaven, Miller thanks, lovingly reflects on—and sometimes confesses his regrets to—the departed influences in his life. Some are names familiar to us all (C. S. Lewis, Todd Beamer, Oscar Wilde); others he knew well; and some he only admired from a distance. But all brought a brightness to his life or challenged him to live more fully in some way. Aware that eternity for any of us is only a step away, Miller has sought to complete the unfinished business of life by writing letters to the great beyond. This moving work will not only elicit a desire in readers to reconcile all things unfinished, but teach the living about the importance of people and the treasure of faith while holding out for us all the hope that awaits.” – Worthington Publishers

Can you imagine yourself pouring a cup of joe one Sunday afternoon and enjoying this refreshing, yet poignant read?

To win, share our “28+1 Days to Lovin’ Better” link with a friend, send an email or two, tweet or share via Facebook. Write a comment telling me what you all did. You will be entered for each way you shared!

The giveaway will close on Sunday night at 9pm. Winner announced on Monday morning!

I am so thankful for you today…

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