Day Two: Love Is Present

Mamaw turned a remarkable 91-years-old last Friday. We did it up big ’round here. Homemade lasagna, Texas Toast and Sock-It-To-Me cake. Mmmm. Mmm. Some of her favorites.

It was a sweet dinner. Ethel sitting at the table with us. Not saying much. Watching the boys eat and only halfway able to hear the conversation. She didn’t expect balloons, steamers or lots of gifts. She just enjoys being with us. And we enjoy her.

I love my sweet Mamaw being here. Eating {very slowly} at the end of my kitchen table.

Even if we don’t say much…I love her sweet presence in our home.

Where shall I go from your Spirit? Of where shall I flee from your presence? Psalm 139:7

It offers my soul incredible peace to know that God’s presence is always with me. As I wash dishes at my kitchen sink. As I read bedtimes stories to the boys. His Spirit is with me. Everywhere. All of the time. He is present in our quiet and present in our chaos. He enjoys being with us. And we enjoy Him.

Even if we don’t say much…I love His sweet presence in my home.

Day Two: Love Is Present

Sometimes love doesn’t have to say much at all. It is just the act of “being with” that matters. Today, be present with someone. Sit with them. Enjoy their presence. Savor a few God-given moments with someone who needs love today. Cherish and be intentional. Even if it is brief. A little time can go so far.

4 thoughts on “Day Two: Love Is Present

  1. I'm slowly catching up on blog posts that I've missed lately! This may sound dumb, but I had no idea that they had Texas Toast outside of Texas! 😉 Happy belated birthday to your Mamaw! I love this series & hope to put some of them in action!

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