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Day 29: Love is Obedient

I know I am not always exactly where God wants me to be. I may be in a “good” place. Not doing anything necessarily wrong. But I want to be in His perfect will. His good, pleasing and perfect will. {Romans 12:2} Don’t you? You have a calling on your life. A plan custom-made for … Continue reading

Day 27: Love Is Armed and Ready

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone.’ Luke 4:4 The Son of God knew Scripture. Here, when tempted by the devil, he was armed with the Word. Quoting Deuteronomy 8:3, Jesus knows how to respond the the enemy’s lies. Are you under spiritual attack? Is the enemy feeding you a … Continue reading

Day 24: Love Makes Banana Pudding, Fishes & Loaves

Do you have meals that define your childhood? There are a few special dishes that speak of mine. Certain smells that greeted me when I entered my grandmother’s house. The sound of a pressure cooker preparing seasoned green beans. The beauty of a black, cast iron skillet filled with perfectly browned cornbread. ‘Round Ethel’s house, … Continue reading

Day 23: Love Returns

Yesterday, my morning “To-Do” list read like this: * Run w/ Jody* Go to bank* Meet with Jesus That was it. And that is all I did. The boys were at school, Brent was on campus and the house was straight (enough). I poured a coffee and met with my friend. We had some catching … Continue reading

Day Twenty-Two: Love is Touchy-Feely

When Brent and I married, we read through the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. By far, one of the most helpful books for understanding how we relate to each other. If you’ve never read the book the five love languages are: 1. Words of Affirmation2. Acts of Service3. Gift Giving4. Physical Touch5. Quality TimeTen … Continue reading

Day 21: Love Gives Grace To Losers Like Me

I have been hard on myself today. This morning, I woke up late. Loser. I am behind on my Bible reading. Loser. I haven’t read the Word to my boys in a few days. Loser.Yesterday, I served hot dogs – twice. Lunch and dinner. Yep, loser. I can be so self-righteous sometimes {ugh}. Big loser. … Continue reading

Day 20: Love Throws a Party!

This past week was party central at the Crenshaw house! Ethan turned six-years-old last Wednesday. Two cakes and two parties later, I have a lot of stories to tell. So many sweet memories and belly laughs. Little cake crumbs in the floor and muddy shoes in my kitchen. There is something about a house full … Continue reading

Days 18 & 19: Love Takes a Break

On the weekends, Brent and I try to take a couple of hours apart and alone. A mini getaway. All by ourselves. He sometimes sips Starbucks and reads a book that has been sitting on his nightstand all week. Or maybe he meanders around Gander Mountain for camping gear. Occasionally, he simply shuts himself in … Continue reading