Confessions From A Sassy Mouth

I have shared before that my mouth can be so sassy. Quick and snippy.

Ask my husband. Ask my boys. They will tell you.

I am not shy about this confession anymore. Two reasons… (A) I know God’s power is made perfect in my weaknesses, therefore I will boast all the more {2 Cor. 12:9} and (B) I know that I know that we all struggle with this to some degree. James 3 says, the tongue is a restless evil.

My struggles are not with cut-downs or foul language. My sin lies mainly in frustration towards my children. A raised voice. A heated and impatient rebuke.

My loud, snappy mouth is oftentimes my response to being ignored or feeling unappreciated. Maybe they are playing the Wii and not hearing me. Or complaining about what I made for dinner. Ugh. SO. Frustrating. Can you relate?

While reading through Psalms on Saturday, oh my, how a verse spoke to my core.

I have resolved that my mouth will not sin. Psalm 17:3b

I wrote it down immediately. And prayed. My journal reads, “Lord this is my cry. But I know that this is absolutely impossible apart from you. Keep this passage at the forefront of my mind. Write this on the tablet of my heart.”

Resolved (zamam)plan, purpose, to consider, fix thought upon.

Today, my thoughts are fixed upon my mouth and how I speak to my boys. Today I will consciously consider how I greet my husband. Today, I purpose to use my words for His glory. Who can I encourage today? Who can I lift up? Does someone need a hug and a prayer?

Today, I intentionally plan to use my words to bring life to my house. Not death.

On my own, I will fail. In Christ, my plan succeeds.

How do you struggle? Is it gossip? Do “bad words” slip? Is it negativity? A raised, impatient voice?

Will you resolve today, joining me in my prayer, that our mouths will not sin?

6 thoughts on “Confessions From A Sassy Mouth

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have grown up around and now have a mouth full of sarcasm. I am quite often misunderstood. I am beginning to see this as a characteristic I do not want to have or be known for. I certainly do not like to hear it come from my children whom I must admit I have taught. This verse will be one I hold close this week. I join you in the challenge.

  2. Oh…this is my struggle too. In fact, I was convicted of this very thing during our church service yesterday. Our pastor preached on the last few verses of James 1 and I was really convicted about being "slow to speak" and bridling my tongue. I confessed this to my husband last night, because he's the one who often gets the brunt of my deceitful tongue. Thank you for this truth reminder and the hope that I can have victory over this in Him.

  3. Hey Becky, I know it isn't suppose to be funny, but I cannot help but laugh at relating about the dinner thing. They almost always complain about what I make for dinner! (unless it is mac and cheese!) Tonight, I had had enough! "That is it, if I hear one more complaint, that person will go to bed right away with no dinner!" We all need help with this one. Thanks friend! : )

  4. I pray for purity in my body and my mind and that my tongue be stripped of ungodliness. I read a psalm can't give the cite but it said Lord put a guard at my mouth and a sentinel at my lips…

  5. Before I go, I was dumbfounded by what the prophet Isaiah exclaimed when he saw the Lord seated on a high and lofty throne… (Isaiah Ch 6:1-5) with the Serapjim crying "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts…" Isaiah said, Woe is me, I am doomed. For I am a man of unclean lips, living among a people of unclean lips…" Jesus, the Word of God, is love, and we have to try to speak His language. Words of kindness and mercy.

I means so much to hear from you!

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