Finding Rest…Step One

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

This week has been full of heavy.

Do you ever have weeks full of heavy? Heavy work? Heavy worry? Heavy choices?

On Monday, I woke with Matthew 11:28 stirring my heart. Jesus’ plea, bidding me come and find rest.

And my response…”How Jesus, how?”

This morning, I woke with His word in Matthew ringing in the new day. Yet again.

Come to me.

Step one in finding rest: Come.

The word used here in Matthew is not a gentle suggestion to “make your way around to Him if you get the chance.”

No. This word is full of action. And translates “Come NOW.”

This verb, come, is intensely present.

Come, now.

A command, given us by Jesus…

Come now to me. Bring me your heavy.

My load is easy. My burden is light.

2 thoughts on “Finding Rest…Step One

  1. Good stuff, Becky! Especially the part where you said that it's not a suggestion to "make your way around to Him if you get the chance." I apologize if I've already said this, but the past couple of months have really been about me intentionally not being as busy as I tend to make myself. I tend to choose to make myself busy, but then I lack the peace & rest that Jesus desires for me to have when I come to Him (& not just long enough to check Bible reading off of my list).

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