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The Ultimate Christmas Purchase

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45 I have truly never thought about this word… RANSOM. I have honestly never pondered the idea of ransom, how it relates to Christmas and the reality that Jesus … Continue reading

The Game Has Been Cancelled

This spring our lives revolve around baseball.  Three fields on which three boys play two games each week with one practice in between.  That is a lot of time in bleachers and equates to a lot of Big League Chew. But it also means a lot of cancelled games.  Rainy games don’t happen in baseball. … Continue reading

The Reason I Gave Up Gum

I should have known the morning of my 7th grade in-school detention.  I had a problem. There I sat, confined by glass, in the main hallway of my small-town middle school, writing this sentence all day long: “The gum chewing student and the cud chewing cow both look-alike somehow.  But there is a difference.  Oh, … Continue reading

That Darn Scale…

For it is necessary that temptations come…. Matthew 18:7 I wish I could say that I don’t struggle anymore with body image. I wish I could say that in Christ I am 100% confident in who He created me to be and my external appearance doesn’t matter to me. I wish I could say that … Continue reading

Prayin’ Up Our Babies – Confession

My mind is swirling about the beginning of school.  Is yours? And when asking God where He would like us to begin our “Prayin’ Up Our Babies” series, I hear from Him.  Loud and clear. The first prayer for my children’s school year, begins with me. Confession. Therefore confess your sins to one another and … Continue reading

Confessions From A Sassy Mouth

I have shared before that my mouth can be so sassy. Quick and snippy. Ask my husband. Ask my boys. They will tell you. I am not shy about this confession anymore. Two reasons… (A) I know God’s power is made perfect in my weaknesses, therefore I will boast all the more {2 Cor. 12:9} … Continue reading

When Busy Gets Your Best

We are in the thick of busy around here. Campus Crusade – busy. School-age children – busy. Fall sports – busy. Caring for Mamaw – busy. Fall is our craziest time of year. Not to mention, the kitchen sink is clogged, we’re going out of town, the yard needs mowing, I’m co-chair of a 5K…I … Continue reading

The Fall of June Cleaver

An excellent wife who can find? – Proverbs 31:10 Last night turned ugly. The evening started very well. Cool weather. A pot of soup on the stove. Brent walked in the front door to a happy wife in the kitchen and happy kids playing in the back yard. We all sat at dinner and shared … Continue reading

Flying Off The Handle

I had every intention of writing a different post today. I even started typing it. But the Lord whispered in my soul…You’re ignoring me. So here the deal. What is it with me and anger lately? A few nights ago, I went to visit a friend. We sat on her front porch watching our kids … Continue reading

Hallways of Regret: A Guest Post

As I am planning for an upcoming speaking event, my dear friend Sue has been gracious enough to guest post on Cup Of Joe today. Full of the Holy Spirit, wife and mom of three, Sue writes an incredible blog at This post, Hallways of Regret, spoke to quiet places in my heart. Have … Continue reading