A Long Run. And a New Couch.

The date was 10-10-10 of last year. The weather was picture perfect Autumn. Crisp, clean air. Ripe leaves ready to touch ground. And this morning my mind was made up. On 10-10-10, I wanted to run 10 miles….By golly.

I remember this run, not because it was 10-10-10. Not because it was a picture perfect Autumn morning. I remember this run because it was one of the few runs in my life that everything felt “right.” My joints ran smooth. My lungs felt strong. The road didn’t seem as if it would never end. My Ipod was fully charged. I was pleased with my pace. But, best of all, God met me on the course that day. Go ahead, call me a complete flake. But my 10 miles on 10-10-10 was worship.

I felt God’s presence with me. And it was quite remarkable. Memorable. Prayerful. I remember praying, Lord, I love this so much. I love to run. And I love being with You. How fun to be a running coach. A Christian running coach! Wow, to run alongside someone but yet encourage them in their faith, as well. (Hold on it gets cheesier) I could even quote Scripture while they ran! Hebrews 12! Throw aside every weight that entangles you! Run with endurance the race before you! Look to Jesus! Be steadfast. Your feet are fitted with the good news of the Gospel! Whoo hoo! Go go! You can do it!”

I once told our friend (and boss), Britain about this little pipe-dream/prayer of mine. Britain warned me that if he ever finds me running up behind him yelling Hebrews 12, he might have to punch me.

So my cheesy, silent dream of becoming a “Christian Running Coach” was never publicized. I never spoke of it to anyone except Brent and jokingly Britain.

The Lord, however, did not sit on this little prayer.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to the YMCA on a Monday morning. Circuit class. 9:30. My friend Tisha, mid-workout, asked me this very question. “Becky, I was wondering, would you consider something? I would like for you to coach me. I want to run another marathon and improve my pace. Maybe you could work me up a plan to help do this. And I could do some sewing for you. I know you’ve talked of having your couches reupholstered. I could sew and you could train. We could barter.”

I about died, I tell you. “Let me think about it…3-2-1…YES YES YES YES YES!!!!”

How neat is that? So we did. We bartered training for sewing.

But as the Lord works, he always has immeasurably more. Come February, she found out she is expecting a baby. Which threw a welcomed wrench in her marathon plans, but we continued working out. And a barter became a couch, and a marathon became a baby, and this little pipe dream of mine on 10-10-10 became one of the sweetest friendships in my life. (I just adore you, Tisha!) I learn so very much from this soon-to-be mommy of six. Godly, grounded, motivated, consistent, enthusiastic – just a few words to describe her. Not to mention she is one adorable and fit pregnant lady.

But listen. The story gets better. After the couches were complete…she continued to have vision for my house (did I mention she is an interior designer, too?) and I continued to have workouts for her little pregnant self. So we continued to train and sew and train and sew…

And I proudly give all Glory and Honor and Praise to the Lord for the beauty he has bestowed on my house and in my heart because of this sweet woman of God.

Wanna see?

This was my house before Tisha. Nothing bad. Just a bit dated. And vision-less.

Hello red plaid couch.

Pictured from the front door. There’s Brent. Hello Brent. And lots of red.

Whoa. And more red. The kitchen has by FAR undergone the most transformation. I can’t wait to show you.

Funny story about these curtains. I did end up selling them on Craigslist. And the lady that bought them owned a funeral home. She planned to hang them in her funeral home. Why didn’t any one tell me that I had funeral home curtains hanging in my dining room?

(I will have you know that I never quoted Hebrews 12 to Tisha during a run. Just thought I’d throw that in. LOL.)

To see the “after” pictures, come back tomorrow…Fun!

6 thoughts on “A Long Run. And a New Couch.

  1. Can't wait to see! Will you be my Christian running coach? I could download you to my iPod. 🙂 I'm considering doing a half-marathon on Thanksgiving day for "As Our Own" to help rescue girls in India from sex-trafficing. I've never actually done a race before. In fact, I run my first 5K in 2 Saturdays. Eek! 13 miles scares me to death!

  2. God is so good. But Becky is leaving out the other half of the story…that through HER, God has blessed me and my family immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine! She is such a godly woman, wife, mother, and friend, and her LIFE shouts Hebrews 12 through every workout. It's been a fun journey! Thanks, Becky!!

  3. Just have to say.. I found your blog through a facebook friend of mine, and I always love your posts.. they are always so inspiring in the most simple way complete with a great sense of humor, and humble vibrant spirit.

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