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Finding my way at FORTY (two)

Does your soul ever feel unraveled? My soul came undone this week like a skien of yarn. One pick of thread led to a full blown come apart.  Maybe it is 50 days of  quarantine coming out from every angle. Maybe it’s hormones. We can blame everything on hormones. But most likely it is a … Continue reading

How To Not Paint A Room – by Becky Crenshaw

Some things must be learned the hard way. Painting should never be one of them. However, more often than not, I make every mistake humanly possible surrounding this chore. When my husband goes out-of-town, he must take every iota of my sanity with him.  You see, I get the grand idea that I am Superwoman … Continue reading

Honey Bunches of Strife, I Mean Oats

In January I made a list. Not a list of things I resolve TO DO in 2013.  But instead a list of things I WILL NOT DO. The top of the list reads one word:  STRIFE Strife – noun, \ˈstrīf\  a : bitter sometimes violent conflict or dissension  b : an act of contention : fight, struggle  : exertion or contention for … Continue reading

The Girlfriend’s Guidebook {a giveaway!}

There are ample books for women on dating, career, marriage and motherhood, but few thoughtful writings about the everyday handling of female friendships. Interesting, considering numerous studies show that female friendships are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, bonding between females has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even … Continue reading

A Long Run. And a New Couch.

The date was 10-10-10 of last year. The weather was picture perfect Autumn. Crisp, clean air. Ripe leaves ready to touch ground. And this morning my mind was made up. On 10-10-10, I wanted to run 10 miles….By golly. I remember this run, not because it was 10-10-10. Not because it was a picture perfect … Continue reading

The Post I Never Wanted To Write

It was a cool Sunday in May 2010. I drove past the only rental house on my street. In the driveway were three blonde-headed little girls splashing in a kiddie pool. Tucked away in the shade of the garage was their blonde-headed little momma painting kitchen chairs. I stopped the van, “Welcome to the neighborhood! … Continue reading