Daily Reading By Popular Demand… {not really}

I am sooo excited that so many of you have joined Georgia and I on our journey through the Gospel of John!  Ahh!  People are even going out and buying new Bibles!  Eeeee!!!  That makes my heart SING!

But it has also come to my attention that by posting our daily reading solely on our Facebook page does not allow my entire reading audience opportunity to see the daily reading!  Some of you aren’t on social media.  Two sweet readers commented that they aren’t on Facebook and then my dad said he doesn’t check our page everyday 😉 …. and heaven knows I want my sweet daddy reading along!  SO!….

At the beginning of each week I will post ALL FIVE DAY’S WORTH of reading!  I will still give morning reminders with thought-provoking questions on our Facebook Page, but you can always come back to the original post for the reading list.

Here you go!  (And Daddy, you can even click on the links and read from your phone!  🙂  Love you and you’re welcome!)

Day 1:  John 1:1-34

Day 2: 1:34-1:51

Day 3: John 2:1-12

Day 4 – John  2:13-2:22

Day 5 – John 2:23 – 3:31


Does this help!?  I hope so!  Enjoy!

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