John With Georgia {Weekly Reading}

GeorgiaWell, wouldn’t you know that my internet is down this morning, so away I type on my iPad.  And I am here to announce that iPads weren’t meant for blog writing.  I’ve had more typos on these three sentences than I do in a month’s worth of posts.

But nevertheless, a little keypad will not stop us from reading through the Gospel of John!  Heavens no!  So without further delay, here are the passages to read for this week!

Day 6: John 3:22-36

Day 7:  John 4:1-42

Day 8:  4: 43-54

Day 9:  John 5: 1-15

Day 5:16-30

Mmmm.  This week we get to read about the Samaritan woman.  One of my favorites.

Remember to visit our Facebook page.  I post our daily reading there, as well as a little thought prompter.

Have a blessed week!

I means so much to hear from you!

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