#iRevAdvent: Day 2

“And while they were on their way, it occurred that Jesus entered a certain village…” Luke 10:38

Jesus and His disciples were ultimately on a journey to Jerueselum. And this side of the cross, we all know what His ministry mission ultimately was. He was on mission to save us all; to take up the cross, bear our sin and shame, suffer, die and live again.

Jesus had a big picture. An intention. A destination.

But what I want to note here is Jesus was not so laser focused on Jerusalem that He overlooked and missed opportunities along the way.

Look at our verse. “Jesus entered a certain village,” is a perfect portrayal that we are all part of the story – little ol’ us. We are little Mary’s and Martha’s along the way. He is on mission for our hearts and our wholeness …. and this holiday season He is entering your “village.”

Stop and consider this. As we observe the birth of Jesus and celebrate him this Christmas, the bigger picture is not the candle light service, a holiday meal with family, school programs or the big moments that tend to mark a holiday season.

No, the bigger deal is this: Jesus is coming through all of our villages – every moment of every day. He wants to enter into all that you are doing. All the preparations. All the buying and wrapping and cooking and planning. Your mundane is part of His BIG MISSION. Why? Because being with you is not mundane to Him.

So, how does that feel? Amazing, right? As much as we make of Jesus at Christmas, He makes even more of us. Stopping along the way on the road to Jerusalem … where He faced the pinnacle moment of His life… He still longed to be in the middle of Mary and Martha’s seemingly routine moment. Mmmmm.

Take a look friend, He is coming through.

And as we will see tomorrow, He is coming in.

Choosing What Is Better:

  • First, stop for a moment and recognize that your mundane is not mundane to Jesus. His ultimate mission is you. It always was. It still is. He wants to be with you in every detail of every day. He is always present. Take a moment to recognize His “coming through your village” and His desire to be with you.
  • Reflect on the many times He has made Himself known to you. Write a few of them down in a journal. Offer gratitude for His intention toward you.
  • Think ahead to your week. What all is on your schedule? Do you realize that the Light of the World wants to be with you in all of those things, big and small. Go ahead and imagine Him there. Write out a prayer inviting Him to meet you in the mundane. And especially if something ahead of you is difficult this week, ask for extra grace in that moment.

One thought on “#iRevAdvent: Day 2

  1. Hmmm, the Lord is speaking! My last two days of devotions have brought more clarity to me; He is involved in all I do! Hard to imagine, really!

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