30 Days of Deeper (Day 8)

“Lead me in Your love to those around me.”

This line was the first I heard upon opening my eyes just now. Literally, messy head still on my pillow, these nine words. “Lead me in You love to those around me.”

A short verse from a song I knew, but couldn’t place. It took me a minute. I have not intentionally listened to this song in a while.

“Housefires, Build My Life.”


The deeper we go with God, the more whole the Healer makes us, the more certain I am that our first act of business is OTHERS.

When I was in college and FRESH off my repentant knees, surrendering my life to Christ after years of rebellion, God all but DROP KICKED me into ministry.  He wasted no time.

It’s true.

One thing about the Kingdom of God is He doesn’t require duration or decades of doctrine to credit us as useful.

Actually I feel it is more the opposite. There is nothing like a hot off the press changed heart to do the trick in bringing others to Jesus. 

Think about this. You may feel ill-equipped to share the Bible or reference exact scripture, but I bet you can explain precisely how one day God spun you around in a different direction. I bet you can describe in detail how you once lusted after the world and now you can’t get enough of His love for you.

That is the story I want to hear, don’t you?

God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings. 1 Peter 4:10

So don’t be shy…. I won’t call on you to share….. but WHAT SPECIAL ABILITY HAS GOD GIVEN YOU?

You can NOT deny you have them. Peter confirms that YOU HAVE GIFTS and encourages you to USE THEM TO HELP OTHERS. To pass on God’s many blessings to those around you.

“Lead me in your love to those around me….”

There it is again.  That song.

So who is it? What is God nudging you to do? Where is He asking you to go? Who is He calling you to love?

Let me encourage you — you are the one to do it. You have the words to say because you have THE WORD inside of you. You can minister healing to a hurting heart because have experienced THE HEALER first hand.  You can mend a broken relationship because you too have experienced RECONCILIATION of the upmost.

The Lord is SENDING YOU. Where is it you are going?


  1. Click on the link above for Housefires, Build My Life. Let this song wash over you
  2. Be mindful of what awakens in your heart as you listen. And if it is nothing at all, don’t fret, he might wake you up on a random Monday and you two can talk about it later.
  3. How does it make you feel knowing God has blessed you with “special abilities”? What do you feel He might be up to with these gifts?


I means so much to hear from you!

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