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"Mom, Is God Really Real?"

Yesterday afternoon, Grant stopped me as I was carrying a basket of laundry down the steps. “Hey Mom, there is something I’ve been thinking about.” I was past the playroom, so I turned around and set my basket down at the top of the steps. “What is it, buddy?” He stood in front of the … Continue reading

And While You’re Still Waiting…

This morning I am still waiting. On what? I won’t bother going into that (sorry)…but I will say… I. Am. Still. Waiting. I have been for a while. To be honest, I am tempted to grow weary. But I will not. (I say that with all of my heart! I WILL NOT GROW WEARY.) This … Continue reading

And While You’re Waiting…

Waiting. I am not a woman who is naturally inclined to wait. My daddy says I shot out of the womb wondering what we were going to do next. Let’s get movin’. We live in a culture that nurtures our natural tendency for instant gratification. Fast food. High speed Internet. 70 MPH Interstates. Books on … Continue reading

Embracing Pain

I don’t like pain. I avoid it at all costs. I always have. Pain makes me very uncomfortable. I remember, as a little girl, being very uncomfortable with other’s tears. Funerals did me in. Divorce did me in. Too much pain. I hated to see my mother’s face, strained and red. Streaked with tears. I … Continue reading

Step Into the Water – First

I tend to over-spiritualize. I know this about myself. This morning was a prime example. I’m laying in bed and I roll over to look at the clock. 5:23. I am tired. And kind of blank. I have a few ideas on my mind for my blog, but if it ain’t Spirit-led then I don’t … Continue reading