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Catching Up With My Bathroom Clock

Finally, just finally, we all decided to get on board with the clock that hangs above the door in my bathroom. ¬†The one clock that never “fell back” last November. Today is the first day in four months I’m glad I never grabbed a stool and changed that thing. {wink} ¬†Happy Daylight Savings to you. … Continue reading

Good Friday

Good Friday. What a reflective day. It is a “good friday” for Christians because we know the outcome of the third day. But for the people of Jesus’ day, it did not seem “good” at all. It was horrible. Their precious Savior slain. Mary watching her Son die. All of the faith the disciples put … Continue reading

Soul Sorting

If you want to know what my heart looks like today, you should just look at my house. I am serious. I should go get my camera. Let me paint. Nothing is over-the-top messy. But, oh the clutter. There are a couple of piles on the counter top – mail to go through. Little piles … Continue reading

Never Thirst

So back to the land of the living. I am no longer living under the curse of time change. I am up and adam, and can’t get the thirst analogy out of my head. So we are back again, looking at Christ’s solution for us, the thirsty. One thing I love about Jesus is that … Continue reading

Living Hydrated

Early the other morning, Grant woke and came into the kitchen. I was sitting at the table. He bypassed me and went straight to the refrigerator. He was drunk off sleep -eyes halfway open, and stumbling around. He cupped his hands up to the water dispenser on our refrigerator door and pushed. “Get a cup … Continue reading