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This Is How We Win – A Guest Post

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony… Revelation 12:11 Guest Post/Testimony – Kristal Cohen Wow!! I have been asked to guest post on Becky Crenshaw’s blog. You need to understand what an honor this is for me.  I am blessed to be a part of … Continue reading

Chasing Skinny {Part Three}

I’ll have you know this story ends well. It may not end clean. But it ends well. I faithfully continued to teach those four to six ladies. My favorite part of the night being the end of class. Sitting in a circle on the floor to stretch our legs, we would each share a prayer … Continue reading

Chasing Skinny {Part Two}

I needed help… I remember how quickly I opened the glass door to the Student Counseling Center on campus. Heaven forbid someone see me go in there. They might think I needed therapy or something. I had never seen a therapist before. No one had given me a name or recommendation. I just made an … Continue reading

Chasing Skinny {Part One}

I was nineteen and had no business obsessing over skinny. Entering college the year prior, I came in as a confident size four. Maybe a six. A little soft. But balanced. And unconcerned. It is amazing what a year in college can do to a girl. My college boyfriend was fit and older. His ex … Continue reading

Too Connected…We’re Disconnected?

Tuesday night Brent and I tucked the boys into bed and began settling into our evening routine. I popped our usual bowls of popcorn and turned the TV on for The Biggest Loser (whoop whoop!). Brent needed to download a few songs on ITunes, so his laptop was up and running. He sat with his … Continue reading

The Results (a little home makeover)

I share this not to boast in my home. Not to boast even in Tisha’s talent, but to boast in the Lord for His goodness and ability to make all things beautiful. Both our hearts and our homes. I am thankful for His giving Tisha vision and creativity. I am thankful to the Lord for … Continue reading

Diary Of A Fantasy Football Wife

Ethan was a six-months-old and Grant was barely three when Brent tried to explain. “It’s a draft. And I have to be on the computer at the same time as all of the guys I’m playing against. It is time sensitive. I need to be online with all of them or I will miss out … Continue reading

Hallways of Regret: A Guest Post

As I am planning for an upcoming speaking event, my dear friend Sue has been gracious enough to guest post on Cup Of Joe today. Full of the Holy Spirit, wife and mom of three, Sue writes an incredible blog at This post, Hallways of Regret, spoke to quiet places in my heart. Have … Continue reading

Mason Jars for Jesus – Giving Away My Best

I look forward to July for this reason. Limelight Hydrangeas. The prized possession of my not-so-green-thumb. Aside from my children, and a few untasty tomato plants, they are the only thing that I’ve had part in growing. My vases wait in anticipation every year longing for their long stems. And if I cut them at … Continue reading

A Tennessee Tradition

I couldn’t have been much more than 10-years-old, standing on my feet in Neyland Stadium. Buried in a crowd of University of Tennessee fans. Standing beside my mother. She loved UT football. So did I. Her passion for this rich Tennessee tradition – my inheritance. “Please join us in singing our National Anthem.” You would … Continue reading