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Summertime Sanity #3 – Wacky Fun Day & Prayers

I tell you….I have gone bloggy wild. Consecutive day #3 of Summertime Sanity. Well here’s why. First of all, our last day of school is actually today. We have Field day this morning and then Kindergarten Graduation tomorrow night. Sniff. Someone will have to peel me off of the floor, I’m sure. I will be … Continue reading

Summertime Sanity #1 – Getting Started

Sweet readers….let’s travel back in time, shall we?!  My blogging buddy and real-life friend, Frugalissa, is featuring this Blast-From-The-Past series from my blog, Summertime Sanity.  The not-ha-ha-funny part is that I still struggle with these same things.  Every summer.  Frustration with my kids…frayed nerves…little boy boredom….outburst of anger…I was on the brink of tears last … Continue reading