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Summertime Sanity – Getting Started!! {repost!}

Sweet readers….let’s travel back in time, shall we?!  My blogging buddy and real-life friend, Frugalissa, is featuring this Blast-From-The-Past series from my blog, Summertime Sanity.  The not-ha-ha-funny part is that I still struggle with these same things.  Every summer.  Frustration with my kids…frayed nerves…little boy boredom….outburst of anger…I was on the brink of tears last night telling Brent … Continue reading

I Have One Thing Going For Me

Yesterday it was very clear to me…apart from Christ I can do nothing. N O T H I N G. John 15:5. My life verse. Well, I guess if you count snapping at my children, discouraging my husband and making a complete fool of myself, I guess that is something. Maybe I should rephrase … … Continue reading

Preaching to the Choir

I need to read my own blogs. “Summertime Sanity” Those words are mocking me over there on the left side of the screen 🙂 The last word I would use to describe the past few days is “sane.” My boys are all but clawing each other’s eyes out. And I am all out of creativity. … Continue reading

Summertime Sanity #6 – Building Self-Esteem

Summertime is underway and I am praying that all of you are enjoying a little peace and a lot of Jesus. I have really enjoyed hearing how Summertime Sanity is playing out in your households! I was so so encouraged the other day to receive an email from my friend, Colleen! The subject was “Look … Continue reading