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So What If It Is Today?

I lay in bed last night, Brent slowly making his way from the couch downstairs. I could hear him piddling, checking in on the boys, adjusting the air conditioner setting. I knew I had an extra couple of minutes with the Lord. Just us. “So Lord, what if it is tomorrow? With all of this … Continue reading

Thankful For Discipline?

A couple of weeks ago, my pastor did a series on The Lord’s Discipline: The Gracious Gift That Nobody Wants. He said, “if I sat in a room with a hundred people and asked the question,What are you grateful for today?, people would go on and on talking of the Lord’s blessing and favor. His … Continue reading

"Dear God, Don’t Let Me Be a DIVA."

Spring Break 2011 is coming to a close. The family and I had the great privilege of staying a week with eighty college students in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was so powerful. And I learned so much. But what I learned, God didn’t reveal during devotionals or morning quiet times scheduled for our students. No. … Continue reading

I Have One Thing Going For Me

Yesterday it was very clear to me…apart from Christ I can do nothing. N O T H I N G. John 15:5. My life verse. Well, I guess if you count snapping at my children, discouraging my husband and making a complete fool of myself, I guess that is something. Maybe I should rephrase … … Continue reading

In Spite of Cussing and Southern Comfort

There was a time in my life when I stood outside, looking in on the Christian way of life. I was an onlooker. Through the window I could see joy, deep joy, peace, freedom, authentic laughter and meaningful friendships. Christians were fascinating to watch. But I was just that…a watcher. An outsider. By choice. I … Continue reading

…With Sober Judgement…

Rebuke. “The word itself doesn’t sound very kind. But it is. Rebuke is meant to help you see yourself with accuracy.” – Ted TrippLooking at myself with accurate eyes can be painful. And ugly. But this week the Lord is guiding me through the mucky waters of my inner self; reviewing the attitudes and intentions … Continue reading

A Target Obsession

I have an emotional connection to this image. There is seriously a light-hearted, running joke on Facebook about how many people have seen me at Target lately. It’s true.I love the place. In a very unhealthy way. The Lord has revealed a few painful things this past week. My hidden sin.So, today, I confess. No … Continue reading

Queen of the Sin Cycle

I was queen of the sin cycle. We are talking years of bondage to the same habitual sin – over and over. And yes, I was even a Christian. But the enemy had such a foot hold in my life, and I loved my sin so dearly, that I convinced myself that I was too … Continue reading

A Goldfish carton and the wrong Proverb

Yesterday morning I sat down to do my Proverbs study. The emphasis of the study is The Family Living From Proverbs. Yesterday the topic was The Source of Our Words. So I am meaning to look up Proverbs 16:2. I have my journal in hand, and I begin to copy…. Pride goes before destruction, a … Continue reading

a Braveheart moment

Well, I had every intention of writing about Summer Sanity #7 this morning, but the Lord had other plans. Last night, I kept having a dream about a Bible verse. It was so crazy. When does that ever happen? So I thought it best to investigate. This was the verse…James 5:16 says, Therefore, confess your … Continue reading