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Tilting Your Head At A Holy God?

Thank you that you have me in the place You want me just now…that even if I got here through wrong choices or indifference or even rebellion, yet You knew my mistakes and sins before I ever existed and You worked them in to Your plan to draw me to Yourself, to mold and bless … Continue reading

Fear Has Met Its Match, I Reckon

I’ve watched fear creep in. As a thief in the night sneaks his eerie shadow through the back window, so has fear crawled its way through the back door of his innocent mind.  My nine-year-old.  My sweet boy. Fear is afflicting him. I hear it in his voice.  He questions noises upstairs.  He visits my … Continue reading

If Your Road Turns Dark

We had been driving over an hour.  Sue and I were on our way to Concord, North Carolina for a conference one Friday in July. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Two moms away from kids.  Left alone in a quiet car, we just might solve the economic crisis or cure world hunger. … Continue reading

Protection No Pistol Can Offer

I grew up in East Tennessee. A little town on the outskirts of Knoxville. My sister, my mom and me. My grandmother lived next door. Mom and Dad had divorced. Papaw died when I was three. Four females. In the back roads of Tennessee. One night I woke to my mother standing beside my bedroom … Continue reading