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31 Days :: Today Is The Day

Scripture is the primary instrumental means by which God effects our sanctification. Therefore, there is a necessary relationship between spiritual growth and the Bible – there is no hope for spiritual growth apart from the Bible. We NEED God’s Word. The whole commandment that I command you today you shall be careful to do, that … Continue reading

31 Days :: Pointing Fingers

Do your children shift blame? “I didn’t do that!”“That isn’t my mess.”“I’m not sure who broke that. I don’t think I did.” This drives me bonkers. “Boys, if you did this, just tell me. Own your stuff. Crenshaw boys own their stuff.” So what do we do with blame shifters? Especially when we aren’t in … Continue reading

31 Days :: My "Go To" Parenting Passage

Sometimes, my children stump me. Their behavior throws me for such a loop that I don’t know how to respond, what to say or how to shepherd their heart to Jesus. Last week a friend even told me to “never be surprised by your children’s sin.” Good advice. So today I share my go-to passage. … Continue reading

31 Days :: A Fourth Grade Memoir {words}

Mrs. Hall was my fourth grade teacher. She was blond and short. Her cheeks full of pink blush. Her fingernails always painted. She was sweet and a bit sassy. I remember she asked a question to the class. I don’t remember the question, but I remember I knew the answer. And believe it or not, … Continue reading

31 Days :: Doctor’s Orders – Be Imitators

A couple of weeks back, we visited our pediatrition for Luke’s three-year-old well-check. After the initial weigh in and measurements, his nurse handed me a sheet informing me of age appropriate behaviors, learning patterns and growth expectancies. This sheet said something about Luke’s development that made me a bit nervous. Mimicking: Learns by imitating speech … Continue reading

31 Days :: Pressured First-Born Syndrome

Three boys: One baby. One middle. One first-born. When I found out we were having a third child, my focus went to the middle son. Many prayers began for Ethan, in effort to avoid the plague of the Middle Child Syndrome. Then comes the new baby, full of joy and demanding attention in the best … Continue reading

31 Days :: Why Discipline?

Although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered. Hebrews 5:8 Jesus was without sin. Always obedient. Isn’t it a paradox that Jesus had to learn obedience? He was fully divine, yet fully human, and although he lead a blameless life, he came to acquire knowledge and experience by living as we … Continue reading

31 Days :: Happy Birthday Mama! {A Giveaway}

Today is a special day. A day to celebrate, reflect and remember. Today, October 23rd, would have been my mother’s 67th birthday. {Happy Birthday Mama.} I wonder if she knows it is her birthday down here? Hmmm. One day, I will know. Until then, I will remember. Two things that marked my Mama were her … Continue reading

31 Days :: Take Hold Of Rebellion

A couple of weeks ago, I got a message from a friend. Read this and see if you relate: “Hey Becky, What about super strong willed kids? My little girl (3-years-old) is so strong willed. We are going through a stage where she talks back almost every time and hardly ever obeys 1st time. She … Continue reading