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Choosing To Remember

We were driving through my old neck of the woods last weekend. My friend was sitting in the passenger seat as I gave her the nickel tour down my memory lane. Even though it is falling apart at the seams, I am proud of my hometown.  I drove her past the little corner market where … Continue reading

Are You Hurting?

My heart is heavy this morning. There is hurt all around me. Many of my dearest friends are struggling with pain and disappointment -heartache that runs dreadfully deep. I am struggling with my own, as well. Do you know people in pain today? Are you one of them? In a seemingly hopeless world full of … Continue reading

A Raw Look At My Heart

This post won’t be pretty. Or funny. Or poetic. Today’s blog is a bit raw and quick. A look into where we’ve been the past 72 hours. Mamaw has had her lowest of lows the past few days. Sunday morning I went to see her. Her color was ash, her skin was cold to touch … Continue reading

He Brings Restoration

The past couple of days I have been in Kentucky visiting one of my dearest friends. While I was there I needed to have some dental work done by her husband, who just so happens to be an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon. Let me tell you, my teeth are quite deceiving. They may look healthy and … Continue reading

Embracing Pain

I don’t like pain. I avoid it at all costs. I always have. Pain makes me very uncomfortable. I remember, as a little girl, being very uncomfortable with other’s tears. Funerals did me in. Divorce did me in. Too much pain. I hated to see my mother’s face, strained and red. Streaked with tears. I … Continue reading