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“So, how’s your marriage?” {grace words wednesday}

My sister-in-law asks the best questions. Questions like, “How’s your heart?  What are your boys into right now?  What is the Lord teaching you?  What are you reading?” Time doesn’t lapse long before Erin dives straight past the surface into heart-level territory.  But one question she frequents jolts me every time… “So, how’s your marriage?” … Continue reading

Greet Him With A “Sloppy-Wet-Holy-Kiss”

Greet one another with a holy kiss.  2 Corinthians 13:12 My boys wake up at dark-thirty.  I come by early risers honestly, you know, and every morning (like clockwork) I can anticipate the pitter-pat of little feet making their way down the steps to greet me.  Little boys eager to give me their first ounces … Continue reading

Honey Bunches of Strife, I Mean Oats

In January I made a list. Not a list of things I resolve TO DO in 2013.  But instead a list of things I WILL NOT DO. The top of the list reads one word:  STRIFE Strife – noun, \ˈstrīf\  a : bitter sometimes violent conflict or dissension  b : an act of contention : fight, struggle  : exertion or contention for … Continue reading

A Sweet Season – Giveaway

We lived in a two bedroom duplex.  It was red brick with white shutters and sat in the back yard of a little Baptist church where I got most acquainted with Jesus. Brent and I were newbies on staff with Campus Crusade and pretty newbie to marriage, as well.  While raising financial support, our little … Continue reading

I Haven’t Forgotten This Advice

It’s Five Minute Friday at The Gypsy Mama.  The topic today… Expectations. Five minutes set on the clock….Go. I Haven’t Forgotten This Advice… Expectations can eat up a marriage. Seriously, they burn me every time. I will never ever forget in premarital counseling…our friend and mentor, Jason, said, “Beware of placing expectations on each other.” … Continue reading

Authority, Crowns and Camo Hats

For Brent, the conversation came up out of no where. I stood staring at the bathroom mirror.  Curling one tiny strand of hair at a time, I talked to the Lord and listened.  He had been stirring my spirit for days.  Curl after curl, I replayed each scenario in my mind. My most recent not-so-great-wife … Continue reading

Day Twenty-Two: Love is Touchy-Feely

When Brent and I married, we read through the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. By far, one of the most helpful books for understanding how we relate to each other. If you’ve never read the book the five love languages are: 1. Words of Affirmation2. Acts of Service3. Gift Giving4. Physical Touch5. Quality TimeTen … Continue reading

When Busy Gets Your Best

We are in the thick of busy around here. Campus Crusade – busy. School-age children – busy. Fall sports – busy. Caring for Mamaw – busy. Fall is our craziest time of year. Not to mention, the kitchen sink is clogged, we’re going out of town, the yard needs mowing, I’m co-chair of a 5K…I … Continue reading