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Day Sixteen: Love Loses a Little Sleep

Across the street from me is a sweet couple who brought home a newborn baby three weeks ago. Their first child. A little girl. By looking at their house I can tell which room is the nursery. A soft light with a hint of pink. The past few mornings I have noticed the lamp on … Continue reading

Day Fifteen: Love Remembers

A couple of years ago my grandmother stayed the weekend me. Brent was away for a conference. She does this a lot when he is gone. We are good company to eachother. This one particular visit I can’t forget. Mamaw had gone into the bathroom to bathe. She closed the door behind her. I was … Continue reading

The Big Fourteen! Love Abides

We have come to know and believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God and God abides in him. 1 John 4:16,17 Day 14: Love abides Happy Valentines Day! A day devoted to the art of LOVE! A day then ultimately, devoted to the … Continue reading

Day Thirteen: Love Forgets

I can be such a mean mommy. Yesterday, ugh. I was just mean. It was day three of Brent being out of town. I was exhausted. We had been inside too long and the kids were restless. They were rowdy and just being boys. Which rarely bothers me. Unless it is day three of no … Continue reading

Day Ten: Love Says Hello

I like people. There. Isn’t that a good blog? No, really. I just like people. My daddy has never met a stranger. And I am my father’s daughter. I can strike up a conversation anywhere. Some might say it’s the Bill Rhodes in me. Maybe it’s the “down south” in me. But this morning, I’d … Continue reading

Day Nine: Loves Serves {a hundred ways}

Last night, Tisha came over to help me paint our playroom. I love it when Tisha comes. Fun things always happen in my house when she does! It’s funny. I am not a very handy person. I don’t really know how to work an electric drill. I am a bit intimidated by painting jobs. And … Continue reading

Day Seven: Love Hears

I am so guilty of listening to the boys…but not hearing a word they say. Grant might be telling me about a new football play he ran at recess. Ethan might explain the new level he achieved on Mario Galaxy 3. Lukey may go on and on about his “Thomas and Percy” train track. Or … Continue reading

Day Six: Love Moves In

Friendships can be very hard, can’t they? A few months ago, I found myself in the midst of relational hardship. It was the type of hardship that makes you feel sick at your tummy. The type of strife that captivates your thought life. I may have functioned as a mom and wife that day, but … Continue reading