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"Mom, Is God Really Real?"

Yesterday afternoon, Grant stopped me as I was carrying a basket of laundry down the steps. “Hey Mom, there is something I’ve been thinking about.” I was past the playroom, so I turned around and set my basket down at the top of the steps. “What is it, buddy?” He stood in front of the … Continue reading

Random Conversation

Tuesday morning, little Grant and I were driving home from Kentucky. It was so good to have that time with just him. Having three boys, alone time is rare. Lunch was approaching and the “golden arches” continued to grace exit signs. Mile and mile again. “Mom, can we stop? Please? I am starving.” Confession – … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Improbable Baby

The doctor looked me square in the eyes and said, “Even if you were able to conceive, which is not probable, you wouldn’t be able to carry a baby full term. There would be major complications.” With uncontrollable sobs, I shook his hand, and all but lifeless, left that office. And never went back. I … Continue reading

Moving to Yellow

Monday afternoon I went to pick up Grant from school. There is a pick up line, so I could see him from a distance. Most days, he is swinging his back pack, waving at me and being silly with his friends. Not this day. He stood still, looked toward the van and sheepishly held up … Continue reading