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Making War With Dust Bunnies

I clean on Thursday. I lock us all down, pull the blinds and purge my house from top to bottom.  I have never found deep satisfaction in the “cleaning one room a day” strategy.   I know this works for many people, but this has never been my niche. No, I clean on Thursday.  And, … Continue reading

As a son shows compassion to his mommy…

Some mornings you just have to hug your kid and ask his forgiveness for being such a mean mommy the day before. Today is one of those mornings. We will never know how much is restored in the words, “Will you forgive mommy?” He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay … Continue reading

A Gray Bin At The End Of My Rope

The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all he has made.  Psalm 145:9 So maybe I am being too hard on myself, but a short 48 hours ago, I was ready to call myself in and schedule a counseling appointment.  My diagnosis?  The least-effective-mom-on-the-planet. But can I tell you a little story? … Continue reading

Fear Has Met Its Match, I Reckon

I’ve watched fear creep in. As a thief in the night sneaks his eerie shadow through the back window, so has fear crawled its way through the back door of his innocent mind.  My nine-year-old.  My sweet boy. Fear is afflicting him. I hear it in his voice.  He questions noises upstairs.  He visits my … Continue reading

When The Big Orange Fails Us

My boys are UT football fanatics.  Their blood type is UT Positive.  Just as orange as orange can be.  And they come by it honestly.  An inheritance that runs several generations deep. And oh, this year’s team speaks of so much promise. Talent.  Passion.  Purpose. The boys wore jerseys everyday last week.  Practicing formations out … Continue reading

Did You Just Hear That?

A few weeks back, I sat slathering sunscreen on my nine-year-old.  We had just arrived at the pool and claimed our spot. We weren’t talking anything spiritual.  I don’t think we were talking, at all. Just me in mom-mode, making sure every square-inch of Grant’s skin was covered. He interrupted the silence. “We are kind … Continue reading

On Boys Becoming Men

We were running later than we’d hoped. Three paper plates full of hot dogs, grapes and pretzels had been gobbled up by my three hungry little birds.  Each boy sun-screened up and ready to head to the pool. Our goal – leave at 11:20. It was 11:10. “Grant, would you help mommy collect the plates … Continue reading

Too Connected…We’re Disconnected?

Tuesday night Brent and I tucked the boys into bed and began settling into our evening routine. I popped our usual bowls of popcorn and turned the TV on for The Biggest Loser (whoop whoop!). Brent needed to download a few songs on ITunes, so his laptop was up and running. He sat with his … Continue reading

Flying Off The Handle

I had every intention of writing a different post today. I even started typing it. But the Lord whispered in my soul…You’re ignoring me. So here the deal. What is it with me and anger lately? A few nights ago, I went to visit a friend. We sat on her front porch watching our kids … Continue reading

"Mom, Is God Really Real?" II

As Grant and I sat at the kitchen table, more and more questions came. Great questions. (Ahem, hard questions): Grant: “How do we know that God is real? I’ve never seen Him.” “You know, God is so glorious, so holy and perfect that the Bible says we can not look at him with these eyes … Continue reading