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The Coffee-Drinking Dog, Bowzer

Saturday night we visited dear friends for games and desserts. Our evening was marked by ice cream, brownies, cards, competition and countless giggles. Our festivities were also enjoyed by the family dog, Bowzer, and his relentless pursuit of all things sugar. Bowzer is a four-year-old Beagle who barks like a Police-trained K9 when strangers pull into … Continue reading

Learning From Lukey… (and a winner)

Note to self:  Have more giveaways.   The Lord blessed me this weekend through your words and favorite quotes.  Thank you for taking the time to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment with quotes that have resonated in your own heart. While they were all wonderful, one comment that rocked me was from Elizabeth. … Continue reading

How Do We Find Balance?

I got a voicemail the other day from one of my dearest friends. She lives in Florida and was heading into town when she called. I want you to hear/read this. She said (hold on – listening to her message and typing quick!…) “Hey Becky, Becky! Hey sweet friend! I just read your One Thing … Continue reading

One Necessary Thing for the Holidays {II}

Imagine yourself standing in a long checkout line at Target. To pass the time you begin to browse the magazines. You have no children with you, the nanny has them all at home practicing violin (hey – this is fiction…let’s make it good) so you grab a “grown-up” candy bar to share with absolutely no … Continue reading

One Necessary Thing for the Holidays

busy: (adj) \ˈbi-zē\ engaged in action : occupied : being in use : full of activity : bustling : foolishly or intrusively active : meddling : full of distracting detail Did ol’ Merriam Webster have me in mind when writing this definition? There are days that I fear these words mark me. Days my blog … Continue reading

At The Feet Of Jesus {a new series}

One day last week, I stood brushing my teeth over on my side of the bathroom vanity. Brent stood at his sink, leaning towards the mirror and studying the length of his new facial hair. With a toothbrush busy in my mouth, I muffled, “You about ready to shave that?” “Babe. You know its November.” … Continue reading