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I Have A Broken Mary

When Jesus heard this, he told them, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor–sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.” Mark 2:17 Brent and I came home to the boys in bed. ¬†Miss Claire was waiting for us in the kitchen. … Continue reading

Where Am I Plugged In?

I am in knots today. From the moment my feet hit the floor, all the way down to the coffee pot, and even now as I sit at my little spot at the end of the kitchen table, I am a wad of nerves and knots. And why? ¬†Well, I can’t quite put my finger … Continue reading

If You’re Uncomfortable In Your Skin…

I heart summer. Yes, absolutely love it.  Like, if I had a little girl I might have named her “Summer”, love it. Even the sunshine favors this season.  It wants to be a part of the action as long as possible. Here are five reasons I love summer so… 1.  Popsicles become a food group. … Continue reading

Because Fat Is Not A Feeling

Who knew that cutting hydrangeas would teach me so much. Each snap of the shears is symbolic of the Lord’s pruning. A clipping away of my sin so something beautiful can grow in its place. (If you are just now tuning in, go back and read Mason Jars for Jesus.) God is revealing areas in … Continue reading

Finding Yourself Far Beyond Average

{Today, I am so very honored to be guest posting over at Dayspring’s blog, (in)courage, Home for the Hearts of Women. I have read (in)courage for a couple of years, so to be a little part of what God is doing through them is amazing. Thank you, Jesus! Enjoy…} Finding Yourself Far Beyond Average Confession: … Continue reading

Day Four – What’s Eating Your Lunch?

The LORD gives his people strength; the LORD grants his people security. Psalm 29:11 NET Well, we’ve made it. It has been such a great week. I am just amazed (but not surprised) at how God has worked this week. Thank you all SO much for emailing me, sending facebook messages and posting comments about … Continue reading

Day Three – What’s Eating Your Lunch?

So how are we doing out there? I am SUPER encouraged to hear feedback about what the Lord is doing in some joyful java hearts. I am so thankful. God is really up to something here. Praise Him. Now onto “Feelings” – Here we go. If you are just joining us, I encourage you to … Continue reading

Day Two – What’s eating your lunch?

I’m so glad you are back. So glad. Let’s get to it. If you are just now tuning in, I encourage you to go back and read “What’s eating your lunch?” from Saturday’s blog. Insecurity. That’s the topic. Bottom line, I’m just sick and tired of watching people, especially Christians, wallow in defeat with the … Continue reading

What is eating your lunch?

Insecurity is eating our lunch. Every single day. We are all, to some degree, walking around feeling unsure of ourselves. Inadequate. Low self-esteem. Poor self worth. Depressed. Deeply wounded. I have had several conversations lately about the topic, so I thought I’d address. The answer to the dilemma is – there is no simple answer. … Continue reading