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God wants to tell you a secret…

Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of  Your law.  Psalm 119:18 As we are studying Psalm 119, I thought I would share what the Lord showed me today… The Hebrew word for open is galah.  Picture this with me as you read through its definition.  You will absolutely love it… Galah:  to … Continue reading

What Are You Reading Right Now?

The other day I was playing catch up with one of my Besties, Cynthia.  I asked all about her kids.  And her marriage.  Homeschool.  The holidays. Then I asked her a question and I am still pondering her answer for myself… “What are you reading right now?” Expecting her to say a fresh devotional or … Continue reading

Random Post from the Blackbird

This post is very unlike me. Usually, when I post a blog, things have to be just so in the mornings. Picture: I’m fresh out of bed, in my robe, my coffee cup full, sitting at the kitchen table writing about something the Lord has been stirring in my heart. Not so today. I am … Continue reading

A Target Obsession

I have an emotional connection to this image. There is seriously a light-hearted, running joke on Facebook about how many people have seen me at Target lately. It’s true.I love the place. In a very unhealthy way. The Lord has revealed a few painful things this past week. My hidden sin.So, today, I confess. No … Continue reading

Exposing My Junk

Writing this blog sometimes takes me to uncomfortable places. Sharing things most wouldn’t want to share. Today is one of those “sometimes.” You see, the Word of God can be very offensive. Truth offends my sin.And exposes all of my junk. To be quite frank, my sin gets quite happy with its dirty fingernails under … Continue reading

What Is Your Core Doing?

When I teach a spin class, I try and encourage participants to be mindful of their abdominal muscles. I yell, “What are your abs doing?!” I’m sure they all want to slap me. I would want to slap me. But the core is very important. Our bodies form how we train it. If I am … Continue reading

A Recount of Creation – Psalm 19

I am so excited this morning. I am thankful for the response to study Psalm 19 in depth this week. I am encouraged by your hunger for the Word. Let us not be casual readers. Let us be students of His Word. I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of … Continue reading

Will you join me? Day One.

I have a question for you… Would you consider being part of an indepth study this week? With me? I would love it. Lately, I am just SO hungry. Hungry for knowledge and wisdom from the Word. This Book is life. I’m just crazy about it. Proverbs says to call out for insight and to … Continue reading