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Are You Ready To See THE “Fixer Upper?”

Restoration. Have you noticed our culture’s obsession? This “before and after” movement? Restoration Fascination. It’s a thing.  Truly. Chip and Joanna Gaines are living proof that we are hungry for the story of “restored”.  Our  human nature is drawn to and delights in old made, not just new, but better-than-imagined-new.  Stunning.  Unthinkable. Remarkable.  And although … Continue reading

The day I broke up with Bible studies

We met at Einstein’s bagels, a girlfriend and I.  We sat in the thick aroma of coffee beans and cinnamon and she laid it all on the table. Book after book after uncompleted book.  My friend thumbed through each one – showing me the 12 pages she completed of this book and the third she’d … Continue reading

The Results (a little home makeover)

I share this not to boast in my home. Not to boast even in Tisha’s talent, but to boast in the Lord for His goodness and ability to make all things beautiful. Both our hearts and our homes. I am thankful for His giving Tisha vision and creativity. I am thankful to the Lord for … Continue reading