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A House Warming Giveaway…For You

Ah ha!  You found me!  Welcome welcome!! I am so excited to have you here…in my new little cyberspace home. It is still a bit unfamiliar.  Boxes are stacked in the back room and I desperately need to hang pictures on the wall, but this is where the Lord has led us.  Same kitchen table, … Continue reading

Play Hard In The Water

I could kill any plant.  Even a cactus is not safe with me. I’m not the neighbor you ask to water your garden while on vacation.  Come to think of it…no one does. (smile) But this spring, I had my heart set on a beautiful front porch.  I dreamed of draping petunias flowing over white … Continue reading

Turning In My Kitchen Chair

Am I my biggest hindrance in having God’s Spirit poured out on me? According to Proverbs 1:23, possibly so. If you turn at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit to you; I will make my words known to you. I want nothing more in my life but to have God’s Spirit poured out … Continue reading

Dollywood’s Got Nothin’ On You

Two mornings ago, the sun shone brightly through my bamboo, Roman shade.   My eyes opened and immediately I heard Him speak. “This summer, be filled.” His voice, quiet and clear. “Be filled.” He is faithful to answer my questions.  The past weeks, I had been asking… Lord, what is Your purpose for this summer?   … Continue reading

This calls for a pedicure!!

Do you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple. 1 Corinthians 3:16,17 The past few weeks I have been reading through 1 Chronicles. Towards the end, God gives King David a vision to build the temple. A building where His … Continue reading

By His Spirit and Grace {a guest post}

{It is my great privilege to introduce you to my sweet friend and fellow blogger Sue from Living Free In Him. Sue is a Jesus loving, wife, mom of three. writer, speaker and servant hearted lady. I am honored to know her. She has a deep down passion for encouraging women into a richer walk … Continue reading

When Busy Gets Your Best

We are in the thick of busy around here. Campus Crusade – busy. School-age children – busy. Fall sports – busy. Caring for Mamaw – busy. Fall is our craziest time of year. Not to mention, the kitchen sink is clogged, we’re going out of town, the yard needs mowing, I’m co-chair of a 5K…I … Continue reading

Ramblings of a Prideful Woman

This summer began with goals of being a significant one. My list was written early May. Spiritual, physical and relational goals for myself and my family. However, when making my plans, I could have never dreamed just how significant this summer would be … in 1,000 unexpected ways. The heart of man plans his ways, … Continue reading

What Hinders You?

What is the biggest distraction between you and a deeper relationship with God? What consumes your thought life? Are you one to make “promises” to God and break them? I am so sick and tired of anything competing for my affection with Christ. He is so much better than “whatever it is” that might hinder … Continue reading

Get On Top Of It

There are better Spin instructors than me. Many instructors at the YMCA are true cyclists who ride there very nice road bikes for miles and miles every week. I have an old mountain bike in my garage from college. I’ve ridden it three times. A true cyclist I may not be, but I don’t claim … Continue reading