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Raising Secret Keepers {More Than Fine}

Saturday, I grabbed three yard rakes, three children and a large box of lawn bags and to the backyard we went. Today was the day for the Autumn task of raking leaves. Brent had gone camping so it was just the boys and me, plugging away one pile at a time, trying hard to rediscover … Continue reading

Thank You, Honey {More Than Fine}

Guest Post by Jody McNatt, even the sparrow… have you thanked God today for your marriage? 24 years ago, when i was lovestruck and waltzing through wedding plans, i would have bet you my bottom dollar that i’d have no problem giving thanks every single day for my soon to be husband. of course i … Continue reading

Before You Cut Out Your Tongue… {More Than Fine}

 I’ve been praying about today. I’ve been praying because the past month Jody McNatt and I have been spending our Wednesday words on a vision the Lord gave Jody for {Grace Words Wednesday}.  And I was concerned that {More Than Fine} and {Grace Words Wednesday} might be too many words and themes and series surrounded … Continue reading

“So, how’s your marriage?” {grace words wednesday}

My sister-in-law asks the best questions. Questions like, “How’s your heart?  What are your boys into right now?  What is the Lord teaching you?  What are you reading?” Time doesn’t lapse long before Erin dives straight past the surface into heart-level territory.  But one question she frequents jolts me every time… “So, how’s your marriage?” … Continue reading

Big News For Tomorrow!

Sweet friends and readers! The story of tomorrow actually began this summer.  Remember when Beth and I went to She Speaks?   And I thought I was sitting behind Lysa Terkuerst but I really wasn’t.  Yep.  That trip. Well, there were 700+ women at that conference.  And while all of those women are my family … Continue reading