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Prayin’ Up Our Babies

Didn’t I just take this picture? Our end-of-the-year school picnic seems only days ago. Summer?  Are we so close to saying goodbye? Since this picture we have beached it, parked it, picnicked it, pooled it, swam it, slid it, slept in, stayed up, picked beans, made smores, and watched Gabby win the Gold.  (Man I … Continue reading

A House Warming Giveaway…For You

Ah ha!  You found me!  Welcome welcome!! I am so excited to have you here…in my new little cyberspace home. It is still a bit unfamiliar.  Boxes are stacked in the back room and I desperately need to hang pictures on the wall, but this is where the Lord has led us.  Same kitchen table, … Continue reading

A Winner! (and a little Spurgeon)

Happy Saturday! I got so wrapped up in the holiday weekend that I realized I forgot to tell you that good ol’ picked us a winner for Annie Downs book, From Head to Foot! Congrats Andrea E! Whoo hoo! You are the WINNER!! I know you will be so blessed by Annie. Did you … Continue reading

Going Home {Awesome Guest Post!!}

Going off to college is weird. For 18ish years, your life has pretty much looked the same. And then, in one day, you move off to the university of your choosing and life is different and weird. But you know what else is weird [and I would submit is weirder than leaving for college]? Going … Continue reading

A Winner {and a prayer request}

Good Wednesday morning! Or should I say WIN-esday!! Yes, we have a winner for our Girlfriend’s Guidebook: Navigating Female Friendships. Thank you all for you sweet comments. I hope you told your besties that you bragged on them. It was fun for me to read through each comment and thank the Lord alongside you.In summary, … Continue reading

The Girlfriend’s Guidebook {a giveaway!}

There are ample books for women on dating, career, marriage and motherhood, but few thoughtful writings about the everyday handling of female friendships. Interesting, considering numerous studies show that female friendships are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, bonding between females has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even … Continue reading

Walking Into Walls – A Giveaway!

Stephen Arterburn, author of Every Man’s Battle, has bundled years of counseling experience into a new book identifying reasons we habitually make poor choices. What is it with us? What do others realize about our sin patterns that we are too wrapped up in to see? Do you struggle with hindered spiritual growth? Unhealthy relationships? … Continue reading

What Words Mark Your Life? (A Giveaway)

July is wrapping up and summer is soon to come to a close. (I wish someone would inform the weather man of this.) Summer has been many things for me. Overwhelming. Quick. Busy. Sacrificial. A bit of battle. But as I sit at my kitchen table and type this morning, I look over my centerpiece … Continue reading

Eat Your Peas For Mom: Winner

Happy Friday! I loved reading all of your comments yesterday. Here are a few exerpts of Mommy Celebrations and Reflections: My mom is one of the most amazing gifts of God I have ever experienced in my life. She is one of those extraordinary people who makes you feel like you are the most important … Continue reading