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Love Dare #5: Forgive …* Big Sigh *

There we sat, my friend Cynthia and I. Sitting in cold, stale chairs in her pediatrician’s waiting area. Five other families surrounded us. Sniffling children. A receptionist at the front desk and a quiet television mounted in a corner. My phone, the ringer on high, blasts from my purse. “Hello.” It was Tracie. I talk … Continue reading

The Quiet Sin of an Unforgiving Heart

The unforgiving heart is so costly. Read what Jesus says about forgiveness… And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in Heaven may forgive you your trespasses. Mark 11:25I am 100% in love with Jesus, but I am also 100% human. My feelings get … Continue reading

I Have One Thing Going For Me

Yesterday it was very clear to me…apart from Christ I can do nothing. N O T H I N G. John 15:5. My life verse. Well, I guess if you count snapping at my children, discouraging my husband and making a complete fool of myself, I guess that is something. Maybe I should rephrase … … Continue reading

In Spite of Cussing and Southern Comfort

There was a time in my life when I stood outside, looking in on the Christian way of life. I was an onlooker. Through the window I could see joy, deep joy, peace, freedom, authentic laughter and meaningful friendships. Christians were fascinating to watch. But I was just that…a watcher. An outsider. By choice. I … Continue reading

…With Sober Judgement…

Rebuke. “The word itself doesn’t sound very kind. But it is. Rebuke is meant to help you see yourself with accuracy.” – Ted TrippLooking at myself with accurate eyes can be painful. And ugly. But this week the Lord is guiding me through the mucky waters of my inner self; reviewing the attitudes and intentions … Continue reading

A Goldfish carton and the wrong Proverb

Yesterday morning I sat down to do my Proverbs study. The emphasis of the study is The Family Living From Proverbs. Yesterday the topic was The Source of Our Words. So I am meaning to look up Proverbs 16:2. I have my journal in hand, and I begin to copy…. Pride goes before destruction, a … Continue reading

a Braveheart moment

Well, I had every intention of writing about Summer Sanity #7 this morning, but the Lord had other plans. Last night, I kept having a dream about a Bible verse. It was so crazy. When does that ever happen? So I thought it best to investigate. This was the verse…James 5:16 says, Therefore, confess your … Continue reading

Immeasurably more

Yesterday, I was adding some numbers and I looked at my six-year-old and said, “Hey Grant, remember the number 150.”“OK, 150” he said. He left the room and within seconds came back in and asked, “120?”“One fifty.” I said.He left the room again and returned about 20 minutes later, handed me a pink piece of … Continue reading