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“I always want to be six.”

With our final family game played, we raked all of the Spot It cards back into a small pile on the floor.  The older two boys pulled themselves off the rug at their daddy’s instructions to brush teeth and crawl in bed.  A few tired whines were grumbled, but for the most part, everyone was … Continue reading

Thoughts From Room #330

Life can flip on you in a second. Can’t it? Friday morning I had just walked in the door from a routine spin class.  I had pre-paked lunches and laid out clothes for a much anticipated day at Dollywood.  Much antipicated by me, I confess, more than anyone else.  Dollywood is one of my happiest … Continue reading

Moonlit Contentment

This morning was a rarity. I woke early (not a rarity), but I did not feel rushed. I was rested. The moon was full and bright through my window. I could see. I had no fleece, footie-pajama feet in my ribs. All the kids were still where I put them last night (a rarity). My … Continue reading