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“Get Up And Pray. For Friday.”

This morning, I lay on my pillow and could hear Him.  Speaking not so softly.  “Get up. And Pray.” You see I am a bit in denial. This coming weekend I am speaking to a retreat center full of beautiful faces.  The University of Tennessee’s CRU women’s retreat.  When I close my eyes I see … Continue reading

That Darn Scale…

For it is necessary that temptations come…. Matthew 18:7 I wish I could say that I don’t struggle anymore with body image. I wish I could say that in Christ I am 100% confident in who He created me to be and my external appearance doesn’t matter to me. I wish I could say that … Continue reading

Why All The Skinny Talk?

Words can not say how overwhelmed I was by your response to Chasing Skinny. Thank you for your emails, Facebook messages and blog comments. It was hard to put it all out there. Skinny likes to keep a low profile. She’s the subtle and quiet type. Usually she only pops up her sassy head when … Continue reading

Chasing Skinny {Part Three}

I’ll have you know this story ends well. It may not end clean. But it ends well. I faithfully continued to teach those four to six ladies. My favorite part of the night being the end of class. Sitting in a circle on the floor to stretch our legs, we would each share a prayer … Continue reading

Chasing Skinny {Part Two}

I needed help… I remember how quickly I opened the glass door to the Student Counseling Center on campus. Heaven forbid someone see me go in there. They might think I needed therapy or something. I had never seen a therapist before. No one had given me a name or recommendation. I just made an … Continue reading

Chasing Skinny {Part One}

I was nineteen and had no business obsessing over skinny. Entering college the year prior, I came in as a confident size four. Maybe a six. A little soft. But balanced. And unconcerned. It is amazing what a year in college can do to a girl. My college boyfriend was fit and older. His ex … Continue reading