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Beating The Body Image Blues

I will confess and praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and that my inner self knows right well. Psalm 139:14 AMP Maybe it is because I work in a gym. Maybe it is because people know my story. Maybe it’s because my husband and I have spent a lot of years working with young adults. Or … Continue reading

“Get Up And Pray. For Friday.”

This morning, I lay on my pillow and could hear Him.  Speaking not so softly.  “Get up. And Pray.” You see I am a bit in denial. This coming weekend I am speaking to a retreat center full of beautiful faces.  The University of Tennessee’s CRU women’s retreat.  When I close my eyes I see … Continue reading

Because Fat Is Not A Feeling

Who knew that cutting hydrangeas would teach me so much. Each snap of the shears is symbolic of the Lord’s pruning. A clipping away of my sin so something beautiful can grow in its place. (If you are just now tuning in, go back and read Mason Jars for Jesus.) God is revealing areas in … Continue reading

It’s in the eyes…

Spiritually speaking, I would say at times I feel run down. Weak. Empty. Far away. Broken. Dried up. Wandering. A little lost. Sometimes I say that I feel like a deflated balloon – limp and a bit lame. Can you relate? So what do we do? How do we revive? Find our way back? Piece … Continue reading