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Simple Tips From My Type B Friend

I didn’t mean to end up in such a sad state.  Broken down and tearful at my friend, Tara’s house. I had  to call her. It was a necessity.  Tara is my friend who teaches Yoga, loves Jesus and lives her life at a delightful Type B speed.  She smells the roses and enjoys the … Continue reading

With Belly To The Sushi Bar

Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands. 1 Thess. 4:11 I don’t eat sushi. Actually, my husband doesn’t eat sushi, so therefore, I really don’t eat sushi either.  I do, however, enjoy it, but my knowledge is rather limited to that of a California … Continue reading

Too Connected…We’re Disconnected?

Tuesday night Brent and I tucked the boys into bed and began settling into our evening routine. I popped our usual bowls of popcorn and turned the TV on for The Biggest Loser (whoop whoop!). Brent needed to download a few songs on ITunes, so his laptop was up and running. He sat with his … Continue reading

When Busy Gets Your Best

We are in the thick of busy around here. Campus Crusade – busy. School-age children – busy. Fall sports – busy. Caring for Mamaw – busy. Fall is our craziest time of year. Not to mention, the kitchen sink is clogged, we’re going out of town, the yard needs mowing, I’m co-chair of a 5K…I … Continue reading

Pursuing Intimacy

“Arise, shake thyself from the dust, and put on thy beautiful garments. Remember it is sinful to doubt his Word wherein he has promised thee that thou shalt never perish. Let the eternal life within thee express itself in confident rejoicing.” – C. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening I had every intention of blogging today about … Continue reading

The Pressured First-Born

Three boys: One baby. One middle. One first-born. When I found out we were having a third child, my focus went to the middle son. Many prayers began for Ethan, in effort to avoid the plague of the Middle Child Syndrome. Then comes the baby, full of joy and demanding attention in the best kind … Continue reading

Media and My Mouth

Re·treat: an act or process of withdrawing (b) the process of receding from a position or state attained2 : a place of privacy or safety : refuge3 : a period of withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director Last week I retreated away with the Lord. We didn’t go anywhere. But He … Continue reading