Devotional March 22: I will show you how to fish…

I am reading through the book of Matthew and just letting the Spirit drop a pin where He will.

Today, it dropped in Matthew chapter 4 verse 19.

Jesus called out to them (the first disciples), “Come follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!”

A couple of things….

  1. Jesus will typically show up in the mundane. Sure, we have mountain top experiences at bigger events, church services, worship nights, etc. But more often than not, we are just going about our daily routine. The trick for me is being present enough to hear from Him. Today give it a shot. At work, washing laundry, taxi driving kiddos, pulling weeds. Open your ears to the Spirit of God and see if he calls out to you there.
  2. In the same vein, He takes what we KNOW and uses THAT for His Glory. Y’all. These guys were FISHING. Jesus didn’t say, “Come follow me and I will show you how to give a 3 point sermon on the Sabbath.” Or “Come follow me and I will show you how to defend your faith to Roman officials.” No. You know how to fish. ok. We can work with that. So how might that translate to you?? You are a good listener? Great…. take someone to coffee and get into their world. You are a great cook? Wonderful. Your neighbor just lost a loved one… they need some help. You’re great with numbers? Sweet, your friend Becky needs help with QuickBooks. LOL. True story.
  3. And last, these guys didn’t over think the invitation. They heard Jesus and followed. For us, this invitation may come in a still small voice, a change in plans, a living Word from Scripture, a repeatitive occurrence that deserves consideration. The trick is to “hear” and then “obey.” TRUST HIM. He is safe to follow.

Anyway. Just a few thoughts as I drink coffee and read this morning. Let us be quick to drop our nets today… And follow.

I means so much to hear from you!

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