August Reflections – Acts 20:24

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God. Acts 20:24

Am I really to the point in my life when I start talking about legacy? That sounds like an older person blog topic.

But as my freshman in college packs up his things for his new dorm and having grandchildren one day doesn’t seem like a “way out there” reality – I would assume legacy is a topic that will become increasingly more important to ponder.

Cue Acts 20:24. Sweet Paul.

He was very clear on his mission every single day.

He knew why he got out of bed. There was NO question about his assignment.

He didn’t waste time nor did he try to self protect or preserve.

He gave his life away for the work of sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

Here is what I want you to notice about this AMAZING scripture today – Paul was assigned.

The word for “assigned” as used here is the Greek word “Lambano” and it means to receive what is given.

Y’all. Listen.

This wasn’t just a Paul thing.

This is a you and me thing.

I am currently PRAYING over a few new commitments that are options for my fall semester.

  • There is a Bible study I am considering co-leading.
  • I have a dream to start something with my husband.
  • I have ideas for podcasts.
  • I want to teach more RevWell fitness classes.
  • I want to write more.
  • I’d like to volunteer more at the boys school.

So. Many. Good. Things.

But what is my assignment? What is being “given to me” from God? My own personalized lambano.

Well the place to start is to ask Him.

What we do TODAY matters. I want to “finish the work assigned to me” verses spinning wheels on “all play” activities.

These are just a few reflections from my reading today. I pray it prompts something inside of you, too.

Lord – help us discern what you have for US to do. Individually. Let us sift through all of the options – even though they are good ones – for our specific assignment. Thank you for giving us the great privilege as your ambassadors. Let us report in to our King and receive well. In Jesus Name. Amen.

One thought on “August Reflections – Acts 20:24

  1. Thank you, Becky! You are a blessing! May I ask what Bible Study you are considering? Taking my firstborn, Catherine, to UT was extremely emotional for me! I had been building the family, even at the dinner table, for 18 years. Overnight, it felt as if I was pulling that apart, never to be the same again…change. I was thankful she was ready and wanted to go, BUT! My heart! Somewhat sad! Well, I made it, with the Lord! The last of 5 married in the fall of 2020. I will pray for your Fall commitments. I am also rating for mine! -Cathy

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