November Gratitude … Song

Enter His gates with a song of thanksgiving and His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him, bless and praise His name.

Psalm 100:4 Amplified Bible

Song of Thanksgiving: (tôḏâ) Thanksgiving in songs of liturgical worship, hymn of praise

Praise the Lord! How good to sing praises to our God! How delightful and how fitting!

Psalm 147:1 NLT

Sing: zāmar: Make music, melody

Let’s just be honest for a moment. Not everyone is motivated to sit alone in the morning, over a cup of coffee, and break out in song to God.

I am well aware. And … I am your people.

Granted, I do lots of worshipful things during my time with Jesus…. I read. I pray. I recite Scripture. I write. I blog. I study original text. I journal. I drink Starbucks (very worshipful).

But it is a rare occasion I sit here bursting out in “liturgical worship or hymns of praise.”

But – to quote King David himself – “how good, how fitting and how delightful” it is when God’s people enter His gates with a song!

What a thought, hmmm? Our singing is DELIGHTFUL to God. He says “IT IS GOOD.”

Does this ring a bell?? Remember this phrase…. FROM THE GARDEN?

God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good.

Genesis 2:31

See our word again? Good. Yes, it is the same Hebrew word TOWB!

When we offer SONGS of THANKSGIVING – not metaphorical songs, but real-outloud-from-our-lips-songs, – He looks on this with the same delight and satisfaction as THE CREATION OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. IN THE VERY BEGINNING.

He loves you singing to Him and says IT IS TOWB! VERY GOOD!

So let that settle your “I’m not a very good singer” argument.

And if you are struggling to find a reason to sing, just keep reading Psalm 147. You will find PLENTY of prompts…

  • The Lord rebuilds v. 2
  • The Lord brings exiles back v.2
  • He heals the broken hearted v. 3
  • He bandages their wounds v.3
  • He counts the stars and names them v.4
  • His power is absolute v. 5
  • His understand is beyond comprehension. v. 5
  • God supports the humble v. 6
  • God brings the wicked to dust v.6
  • He provides rain for the earth. v.8
  • He makes the grass grow in mountain pastures v.8
  • He gives good to the animals v.8
  • He feeds the ravens when they cry v.8
  • He delights in those who fear him v.11

See. Plenty of reasons to sing praises to our GOD! I bet you could come up with your own list, too!

Let’s do just that. Grab a pen and paper. Or your journal. And write them out….. IN YOUR OWN LIFE, WHY IS IT FITTING TO OFFER A SONG OF THANKSGIVING TO YOUR GOD?!


  • He provides a roof over my head
  • He gives me a warm home to sleep in
  • He blessed me with caring people in my life
  • I had to food to eat yesterday
  • I have food to eat today
  • I am alive and breathing air
  • He empowers me to overcome obstacles
  • His Living Word is available to me – every second of the day!
  • etc etc etc….. We could go on and on

Now for the fun part. YOU, my sweet friend, are going to sing.

Yes you. To Him. It can be a soft song under your breath. It can be reciting a Psalm in melody. Or you can grab a hairbrush and become CeCe Winans! But I do encourage you to SING TO YOUR GOD THIS MORNING.

Why!? It is fitting. And…. IT IS GOOD.

If you need a little help I get it…. so on that note 😉 let’s bring in CeCe….

Click HERE and enjoy and know that I am worshipping alongside you today – hairbrush in hand.

One thought on “November Gratitude … Song

  1. Thank you for continuing to keep me on your email list! I am grateful for this message this morning! I needed to sing this morning! God bless you!! Love your sister in Christ, Amber

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