November Gratitude … Thanksgiving

Enter His gates with thanksgiving; go into His courts with praise. Psalm 100:4

Thanksgiving (tôḏâ). Confession, extension of the hand, praise rendered by acknowledging and abandoning sin, a thank-offering.

I have so many thoughts about this this one. I hope I can effectively express what wells up in my heart as I ponder THANKSGIVING and CONFESSION as interchangeable words.

Let me try and explain. Read this and see if it hits you differently today….

Enter His gates with confession.

Enter His gates, extending your hands with an offering of thanks.

Enter His gates acknowledging and abandoning sin.

See! Different, right!?

And I absolutely love it.

You see, as we journey together this month, my prayer is to show you that “thanksgiving” isn’t JUST sitting at a table with the people you love. It isn’t JUST recounting the little blessings we often overlook – easy access to grocery items, clean, running water and a roof over our heads.

THANKSGIVING also involves acknowledging sin, abandoning our offenses and extending our hands. Thanksgiving is a posture of deep gratitude for the grace that removes sin from our lives.

Thanksgiving is the posture of God’s forgiven people.

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And every single morning you can enter into His gate, hands open wide, to experience freedom and forgiveness.

Every single day.

The thought of this doesn’t just prompt me to give thanks, it compels me.

I pray it does you, as well.

One thought on “November Gratitude … Thanksgiving

  1. Thank you Becky for bringing new insights to Thanksgiving & Psalm 100. So thankful for His grace and daily mercies and forgiveness.

I means so much to hear from you!

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