On Mission Moves…. You’re Invited!

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10

Three years ago (or more) our piano teacher reached out to me, inviting our family to join a small team on mission to the country of Honduras. At that time in our lives, Brent was in the middle of his Master’s program for Marriage and Family Counseling, our boys were obviously younger and the idea, though amazing, did not seem like a fit for us at the time.

Fast-forward to present. Brent is now finished and thriving in his counseling practice and the boys less, well, little 😉

And here is the other thing… which three years ago I DID NOT see coming AT ALL…. I am now a certified Revelation Wellness instructor able to carry the gospel through movement, drumsticks and all things wellness! Which I had NO IDEA even existed in 2017.

So when the opportunity to travel to Honduras on mission came up this time, there was an IMMEDIATE stirring in my soul. A “yes” that surfaced to the top of my heart so quickly that it even surprised me! A Holy Spirit prompting that is undeniable. And this YES wasn’t only confirmed in me, but the prompting nudged ALL of us. Each of my boys and Brent, as well.

So friends, we are on mission this summer to Honduras to serve with the Good Samaritan Mission!! Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!


The apostle Peter reminds us that we have EACH been given a great variety of gifts and we are called to use them! We have gifts to help others, encourage, teach, serve, counsel, etc etc! You do too! We all do! And I am so humbled and honored the Lord would invite us alongside a team to serve the people of Honduras.

In an effort to raise money for our family trip, I will be hosting a Revelation Wellness program this June called ON MISSION MOVES with Becky! It will be a month long fitness program complete with FIVE online fitness classes (for all levels!), four Bible teachings and weekly encouragement to keep you motivated and focused on Jesus this June! FUN!

The teaching sessions with cover topics such as ….

Overcoming Body Image Struggles

Understanding Diet Culture

Renewing Our Minds Regarding Wellness

Finding Freedom and Staying Whole

And here is ONE EXTRA FUN BONUS…. DRUMROLL…. MY BOYS WILL BE PARTICIPAING! Yes! They will be helping me with TWO classes! So if you have kiddos at home who need some extra encouragement to move their bodies this summer, have them join in on the fun! The Crenshaw boys will be sharing what they do from home (no equipment needed) to stay active and strong!

I would LOVE for you to join me in the private community created especially for you and with the people of Honduras on our hearts!

**If you would like to join ON MISSION MOVES with Becky, please complete this form! All donations are a suggested amount of $40 or more! THANK YOU SO MUCH!**

Questions about On Mission Moves:

When does On Mission Moves Begin!? June 1st – June 30th

What happens once I sign up? You will be added to our Facebook Community and all info will be communicated there!

What if I am not on Facebook? No worries! I will happily send you all the links of classes and teachings via email!

Will the workouts be recorded? YES! All will be recorded and yours to keep and rewatch at your convenience!

Do I have to be live to view the teachings? Nope! Again, all will be recorded via zoom and streamed live to Facebook (hopefully LOL)!

Do I need any equipment for the workouts? I will be teaching you a few Drumsticks routines!! Grab some wooden spoons from the kitchen or you could purchase a set on Amazon!

What if I don’t want to participate but just want to give? Well that would be amazing too! You can give a tax deductible donation towards our trip! Click RIGHT HERE and scroll down to OPTION #2 “Mission Trip Payment”! Add the words “Crenshaw Crew” under group traveling. And the dates are July 12-19.

OK Friends! I think this is all the info! I AM SO excited and just delighted at the thought of ALL OF THIS!…. yes the trip, but the idea of spending June on Mission with ALL OF YOU is so fun! YOU TOO get to be part of this experience! AHHHHH!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! LOVE TO YOU ALL!

xox Becky

3 thoughts on “On Mission Moves…. You’re Invited!

  1. I just signed up and I’ve got 2 other friends I sent to and they signed up before me. LOL. I’ve got a few more to send to.

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