Before you go…

This past week my family and I spent hours traveling the south, touring colleges, eating pralines and singing loud 90s music when the car ride felt too long.

Colleges? Wait.

I know it is cliche, but time sure does fly.

Just the other day I was “interviewing” pediatric doctors with a big pregnant belly. And then wasn’t it last Tuesday I went to local preschools inquiring about programs? Or was it yesterday we were homeschooling and singing the Continent jingle?


The grief and joy are so intertwined I often can’t discern which makes me cry. Both I suppose.

These two emotions have propelled an urgency inside of me to make sure I have covered as much ground with Grant as humanly possible. I mean, yes I do hope he can successfully fry an egg, separate darks/lights and navigate the Interstate system, but ultimately I want to make sure he understands mediating on God’s Word, the power available to him by way of the Holy Spirit and how to fight a spiritual war.

You know, the important stuff.

So the past several weeks I have been journaling little devotionals…. I call them “Senior, Before You Go.”

Yes, I do realize this is the name of a popular “Pootpourri” spray for the bathroom, but having all boys I can’t help but love the play on words here.

Anyway… the more I write these little devotionals for my son (and eventually all of them) I think…. these are for anyone to read.

Before you go…. to school.

Before you go…. to work.

Before you go…. about your day.

In general.

So while they will be initially penned for the heart of my boy, I share them with you, in hopes that the Lord will pen something on yours as a result.

So check back here periodically throughout the week (or subscribe to receive my blog via email) and start your day with me. And hopefully you will receive a word of encouragement …. before you go.



One thought on “Before you go…

  1. I just LOVE this!!! I have a senior in high school as well. We sent our oldest off to college this past fall and now we will send off our 2nd oldest this coming fall. Jeremiah, our oldest, is only 2.5 hrs away studying and playing baseball at a university. Micah, our 2nd oldest, is joining the Marines and will be off soon as well. We have 4 more children to follow… My main concern is the same as yours; do they know God’s Word and can they navigate this crazy life. “Train up a child”, in my opinion, is the whole of the person. I have done a really good job training them in some areas and not so good of a job in other areas. VERY THANKFUL for God’s abundant grace for the areas in which I have lacked… I look forward to each of your entries. Thank you:)

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