#iRevAdvent: Day 14 – 15

She came to Jesus and said, “Lord, doesn’t it seem unfair to you…” Luke 10:40

A few weeks back, the fam and I sat down for a Sunday night meal. Thanksgiving was approaching and we talked at the kitchen table, making a hard copy list of all the holiday traditions we could not WAIT to do. The anticipation was building in all of our hearts and I, personally, had NEVER needed the wonder and joy more than THIS YEAR.

I am sure you relate.

Within 24 hours all changed. A positive Covid exposure led me to make numerous phone calls, canceling every single plan we had on the calendar for weeks.


Not the boys tears. MY OWN.

Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope postponed grieves the heart,” And my heart was sick. Sick sick sick. All of the hope I had in the coming days taken away within minutes.

I am certain we have all felt heart-wrenching disappointment at some point this year. And dare I say, many of you reading this are currently experiencing great sadness over the way Christmas 2020 needs to look.

Martha’s words mine as well been a page torn out of my own journal. “Lord, doesn’t this seem UNFAIR?!”

It’s ok to feel foot-stompy and take these words directly to Him. On Monday, I can’t wait to unpack how freely we can approach the Lord! But for this weekend, let’s give our feelings a friend and acknowledge… Covid is making the holiday HARD.

But sweet readers, we learned yesterday the most powerful truth about our serving. You are doing a DIAKONIA work, remember?! Every service to your family this Christmas (and every day!) is among those who are advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your labor is NOT in vain. Your service is dear to the Lord and it matters.

So this Christmas, “choosing was is BETTER” is a renewing of our minds to see serving our IMMEDIATE family is as big a deal as hosting every single grandchild, cousin, great Aunt Josie, niece or nephew you have.

Even if this means just you and your spouse.

And friends. Here is the bigger deal. Here is what Martha missed…. JESUS WAS IN HER LIVING ROOM. He is the guest of HONOR. He broke the seal of heaven to be at your dinner this Christmas so I say… GO BIG!!

Fine china! The head of a pig! All the fixins!!! THE KING OF KINGS IS WITH US! This Christmas is the BEST GIFT to all the Martha’s who feel this is unfair. We may never have the chance to lavish Christmas on our immediate family like this again!!! Things will go back to normal.

I have had to change my perspective tremendously on the reality of Christmas and y’all… this is one excited girl! My Jesus. My boys. My husband. We are going to CELEBRATE the Lord of Hosts like never before.

And because I know now that this is DIAKONIA work – endowed by God, and a gift to zealously promote the cause of Christ to my family and give Glory to the King – oh y’all, I am EXCITED.

You are a MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL. And although this Christmas may be small in scale, it is eternal with impact.

I know it “feels” unfair, and that is understandable, but see….THIS IS OUR SHOT TO MAKE MUCH OF THE ONE TRUE King like never before!

This Advent, spotlight on Jesus! Let us “shout in universal song, and Crown him Lord of all!”

Choosing What Is Better:

  • Open your Bible and turn to Proverbs 13:12. What hope of yours has been postponed/deferred this holiday season? Make a list of those “unfair” things and just allow yourself to grieve. It is ok and healthy to do so.
  • Turn in your Bible now to Philipians 4:12-13. Write down or highlight the parts of this verse which stand out to you. What do you think Paul’s “secret to contentment” is mentioned in verse 12? How can you renew your mind to be content no matter what this holiday brings? Paul says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” With the holidays in mind, write this same scripture and fill in the blank with what might be difficult looking ahead…. “I can do _______________________ through Christ who strengthens me.”
  • How can you intentionally make a BIG DEAL of the holiday this year… in a new way? Even if your crowd is smaller! Make a list of some practical things you can do to make much of your Advent, Christmas and New Year’s celebration! Get excited! Jesus is the guest of honor!

I means so much to hear from you!

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