#iRevAdvent: Day 11

But Martha was cumbered about [overly occupied…]”. Luke 10:40 KJV/AMP

I don’t commonly use the word “cumbered” in my daily vocabulary. Honestly, I had to look a little deeper into this word. All I could think about was a cucumber. Which led me to recall Veggie Tales. And I knew then, I was on the wrong path.

So to work I went, researching Martha’s cumbered condition and just look:

CUMBERED (perispaō): to be overly-occupied, too busy about a thing. to be driven about mentally, to be distracted. to drag all around.

Anyone else relate to being overly occupied, distracted or drug around?

Hands up, anyone?

We must spend time here, friends. This one is important. There is a saying…. “If Satan can’t destroy you then he will distract you.” Yep, he is on a quest for our intimacy with Christ. And just one distracted degree off target will do. It doesn’t take much for us to lose sight of Jesus, squander our peace and dismiss our mission.

So let’s look first at being overly-occupied. Merriam-Webster defines “cumbered” as being “cluttered up.”

I am not sure if you relate to this… but I function better in an organized space. Before I begin my day, I make a run through my house, unloading/reloading the dishwasher, straightening up disheveled pillows, putting away laundry and organizing to free up counter space.

I do not have this routine because I am OCD or even that great of a housekeeper. I organize my space because it promotes greater production for everything else I do in a day.

The same is true of our souls. How might our relationship with Christ look differently if we were intentional to make a run through our mind every morning? Unloading sin. Reloading grace. Straightening disheveled thoughts, putting away lies, and organizing to free up heart space?

Why is this so important? Why would Satan use distraction as a mainstay? Look at this….

Oh, how I love your instructions! I think about them all day long. Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for they are my constant guide. Yes, I have more insight than my teachers, for I am always thinking of your laws. Psalm 119:97-99 NLT


He knows that we are WISER than him when we think straight and have mental space to meditate on God’s Word. Scripture is literally a guide for our day. Our clarity is a threat to the plans of our enemy, so distraction is an easy way to knock us off our game.

We will really be working through this for several days and unpacking all the areas where we are cumbered 🙂 but today…. take inventory.

Choosing What Is Better:

  • Where do you feel overly-occupied? In your mind? In your emotions? Write a list and acknowledge them.
  • Journal or write a list of thoughts that dominate you. Fears? Worries? Concerns? Now open your Bible and look up 1 Peter 5:7. One by one, release this list to God and “cast all your anxiety on Him.”
  • Before you begin this day….. make a run through the house. Unload sin (repent). Reload grace (receive forgiveness). Straighten disheveled thoughts, put away lies, and organize your mind to free up heart space. What might God want to say or do now in this un-cumbered and unburdened space? Listen and journal.

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