Sweet Soul Words: “I Build Others Up”

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.  Ephesians 4:29

This month we have focused on sweet honey comb words that come out of our mouths. Words have great power to heal, edify, build up, bring life, soothe, comfort, and gift peace.

There is, as we all know too well, another side to this coin. Words are also quite powerful to do the opposite. Paul gives us heed in Ephesians to let NO unwholesome speech depart from our lips.

I have read this scripture 100 times, but this morning I really sat with it. “Lord,” I said, “what does this sounds like? What words of mine are unwholesome?!  I don’t want to miss this one. You are VERY clear…. DO NOT LET ANY UNWHOLESOME TALK COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS. ‘Any’ means ANY and ‘do not’ means DO NOT. It is apparent that this is important to you! I want to understand this through and through.”

“Unwholesome”, as used in its original text means, CORRUPT. ROTTEN. WORN OUT. NOT FIT FOR USE. UNFIT. WORTHLESS.

OK stop.

Sit with each of these. Think on them. Relate them to other scenarios in your life. I keep having images of things that we “throw out”…. rotten strawberries. rotten or spoiled milk. worn out shoes…. all of this truly worthless and unfit for use.

Now thinking through my own speech. What translates over? What have I said lately that is spoiling someones day or completely worthless in value? Pointless, self-serving, passive or pressuring?  According to Paul those words are rotten and should be tossed!

Now….flip the coin BACK over!  (This is the fun part)  We are then encouraged to use words to “BUILD UP” other people! What does this look like!?

“Build up” (edify) means to promote another’s growth in Christ, Promote happiness. Promote holiness.

I love love love that we are to promote happiness in people. I have experienced that Christians sometimes steer away from the “happiness” word in effort to avoid shallowness, prosperity gospel or new age teaching.

“God doesn’t call us to be happy but holy.” people say.

Well, I don’t fully agree. Jesus was happy!  SO SO HAPPY!  Granted, His mission wasn’t to make us HAPPY, but a by-product of a life with God is indeed happiness.  And our words should PROMOTE happiness in the lives of others, as well as wisdom and holiness.

So today friends, how can YOU BUILD happiness in someone’s life? How can you BUILD or promote christian wisdom in someone?  And holiness too.  BUILD THEM UP.

You are a builder, my friend! Who knew!?

Let us not forget –  Christ was a carpenter, too.  He was a craftsman, a builder, from the get go. His occupation a reflection of his assignment. Mmmm I like.

So TODAY, let’s put on our best construction hat, grab our tool belt of Truth and get busy building. Not structures, but people.

Who needs a little promotion today? A little holiness? Happiness? Wisdom?

Use your sweet soul words to benefit those who listen!

(And PS, I did a brief tutorial on Instagram today of how I study words and scripture.  The link to follow is on the side bar right here! Be blessed today! xo)

I means so much to hear from you!

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