Sweet Soul Words – “I am a NEW PERSON”

Sometimes I just feel stuck.

I make a resolution and then break it.

I commit to a new goal and don’t follow through.

I begin a new routine and fall back in old patterns.

I declare to wake early for a prayer time and oversleep.

I vow to not yell at my kids and find myself flying off the handle.

I give up sugar. I pick up sugar.

If any of this sounds familiar let me encourage you… YOU AREN’T STUCK.

Christ followers aren’t stuck people.

We have been given a gift:  Transformation through the power of Christ Jesus!  And this isn’t a one time gig. Nope, every-single-day-transformation.

So right now, I encourage you to SAY these game-changing words OUT LOUD…..

“I am a new person.”


The original Greek translation of the word NEW, as used in 2 Corinthians 5:17 means, “all things are new, previously non-existent, far different from what they were before.”

Well, I don’t know what the word “all” means to you…. but to me it means…. “ALL”.


Everything about me – NEW.

I love the definition says “previously non-existent and FAR different than before.”  Well that is a good thing. Lordy. I need some things to just be FAR DIFFERENT than they are right now.

So WHATEVER comes to mind that you feel can NEVER change – you’re wrong.

I love you, but you’re wrong. God’s Word makes a firm stance on this – ALL THINGS ARE NEW. YOU ARE A NEW PERSON IN CHRIST.

Don’t beat yourself up if (and when) you DO fall back into old patterns. We are RENEWING our minds, remember? And this takes practice and repetition. WE JUST HAVE TO REMIND OURSELVES OF TRUTH… over and over and over and over and over.  (And say it out loud.)


When you want to yell, or overspend, or gossip, or oversleep, or or or….. “I AM A NEW PERSON.”

Sweet Soul Words OUT LOUD. To yourself. About yourself. All the time.




I means so much to hear from you!

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