30 Days of Deeper (Day 17)

I am convinced that every house has a room where that when you aren’t sure where something should go, you put it in “there”.

Am I right or am I right?

This room within our home has been “my office”. Or is it the music room? Or should we call it the living room?  But really it is the “no-one-ever-sits-in-there-room”.

It is also the place we keep games and documents and all of my business stuff.

Oh and crafts.

Yes, you know the room.

Well for Brent’s graduation gift, we decided to turn this room into a library…. a fully functioning living space with couches and chairs and shelves of beautiful books. A cozy space to drink coffee, read a novel and enjoy our boys play piano.

And it is glorious.

Yesterday, my friend Kristen came over to help put finishing touches on this space. She is pure magic when it comes to decor and vision. And in true Kristen fashion, had picked the perfect lamp to adorn the piano.

I had one job. Plug it in.

An easy job of finding a light bulb and turning on a switch. This I can do.

I set the lamp on top of the piano, but when I went to insert the cord into the outlet… FIREWORKS.

Oh. My. Word. Y’all.

I thought I was a goner.

The outlet exploded! No kidding. Exploded – bursted out of the wall, broke the outlet cover in several pieces, melted the metal of the plug on this brand new lamp and tripped the breaker on the entire left/lower side of my house.

Kristen and I were stunned. Shocked (no pun intended there). But overall, thankful.

I called the only electrician friend I have and left a long detailed message, texted a picture and asked him to call me back.

And there was NO WAY I was going to flip the breaker back on until I heard from him.  No way Jose.

When I think back on all of this… what I am MOST AMAZED by… is the breaker system in a home. The fact that SOMEONE was smart enough to develop a protective system that automatically shuts off power to an outlet when there is potential danger … this is quite genius. Have you ever really thought about it?

To my knowledge, fuses protect against electrical fires and without them yesterday would have had a different ending. And most likely no blog today.

Melted Beckys don’t write blogs.

When the Lord prompted me to retell this story today, I kinda felt silly. I have no earth shattering point here. No anchoring Scripture.

But I am overwhelmed by the parallel that, in a situation where we are in potential danger, GOD IS SEEKING TO PROTECT YOU.

He has a Circuit Breaking system in place AT ALL TIMES.

What may seem like a “blown fuse” in your life…. maybe a move you weren’t expecting, a friend who seems to have abandoned you,  a job loss, a diagnosis, a sudden turn of events, a divorce…. God knows the greater system and is seeking to protect you from a potential disaster.

I sure as heck don’t understand the electrical wiring in my home… so I IMMEDIATELY called on the man who would.

I encourage you to do the same today.

You may be holding singed pieces of your life in your hands, sitting in a dark room, or even burnt from the explosion, but you also know that you must wait on the only One who can really help you solve this problem.

God knows. He saw. He realizes it scared you. You may still be in shock.  And you want it repaired, stat.

Don’t google the best way to fix it yourself…. wait on Him. He protected you once. He will do it again.

He will call back. Promise.


  1. What area of your life may seem like a singed or blown fuse?
  2. Have you called on the “Electrician” or are you trying to self-repair?
  3. How is He calling you to rely on Him instead?

One thought on “30 Days of Deeper (Day 17)

  1. Hi Becky! What a good analogy! I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed with the idea of planning a wedding for my youngest, Eleanor, for November 7! It’s all good! No explosions, no burnt cords,or melted plug or broken outlet cover! But, I must rest in him, do what I can do today and wait! Thankful for you, Cathy Angel

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